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Thread: want game posters, ANY IN ANY CONDITION!

  1. want game posters, ANY IN ANY CONDITION!

    I'm looking for any game posters in any condition. I'm building a 4 foot console stand (I've got too many for my normal tv stand) and I want to use these posters to sort of line the outside/inside of the stand so the thing doesn't just look like stained wood. If anyone has any they'd like to get rid of for a reasonable price, talk to me.
    It's a mirror image!

  2. I have numerous posters that i've gotten from magazines and such that I'm willing to get rid of. I'll list them later once I find all of them.

  3. Let's see:

    Super Metroid poster(large!) that I got from May 94 issue of Game Players.
    Earthworm Jim(large!) poster got from June 94 issue of Game Players
    Eternal Champions poster
    Wipeout 3 poster
    Rascal poster
    Soul Caliber poster
    2 pokemon posters. One of them is the one with all the pokemon and their names and such underneath.
    Some racing game poster from EGM. I don't see the name of it anywhere.
    Also, I have a ton of comic book posters that are in damn good shape if you're interested.


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