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Thread: Acclaim Appoints New CEO

  1. Acclaim Appoints New CEO

    Earlier today Acclaim Entertainment, Inc. announced that Rodney Cousens would take the place of Gregory Fischbach as CEO of the company. Fischbach, a Co-Founder of Acclaim, will stay with the company as Co-Chairman and as a member of itís Board of Directors.

    "We are entering a new era for this organization and I am very pleased to have Rod appointed as my successor," said Gregory Fischbach. "Given his impact on our organization since the beginning of this calendar year, I am confident that he will continue to utilize his industry knowledge and leadership skills to benefit the organization."

    "During the last five months, I have driven the process for our organization to adopt and implement a new global operating plan that is heavily focused on improving our core business practices, including reducing operating expenses, realigning our brand-driven product development strategy and managing our position at retail," added Rod Cousens. "While this is an ongoing process, I believe that we have completed the foundation-building first phase that has set the stage for how we will conduct our business on a daily basis going forward. I will continue to strengthen our management team with leaders that are dedicated to this new structure, who possess the singular end-goal of facilitating our future growth and returning the organization to profitability."

  2. Usually this is the last and most drastic step prior to filing for chapter 11. It seldom works, but being that Acclaim is a local company and all, I wish them the best.

  3. Yes, let their demise be swift and painless, but especially swift.
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