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Thread: REZ, IKARUGA, FRAME GRIDE, MODDED PSONE-$30, FFT MILLENIUM $35 + alot of other stuff

  1. Yo yo, check your PM's, because I'm getting ready to send out money tommorrow and I had a question / comment for you.
    R.I.P Kao Megura (1979-2004)

  2. ...

    How much you want for the Turbografx and Bonk?
    "50,000! You scored 50,000 points on Double Dragon?"

  3. updated and added a stack of things that i found. as for the turbo grafix w/bonk, im really unsure of its value. id sell it for $35, shipped. if thats not good, im sorry, i really have no clue how much these things go for. Buy everything please.

  4. Did you get any of my PM's? I just had a question about your Paypal account in there. And I'm also interrested in that FFT guide in addition to the SM 64 we talked about, when you PM tell me the condition of it in more detail and how much you want for it.

    Thank you!
    R.I.P Kao Megura (1979-2004)

  5. How much for Frame Gride?


    id go $30 +$3 shipping for FRAME GRIDE. let me know if that sounds alright to you in a Private message and ill send you my information for a money order or paypal payment.

  7. You still around?

  8. Originally posted by JMET
    You still around?
    He told me in a PM he was going out of town for a few days, I believe.
    R.I.P Kao Megura (1979-2004)

  9. Thanks Rouf, I bought some games off of him and was starting to get concerned..

  10. Originally posted by JMET
    Thanks Rouf, I bought some games off of him and was starting to get concerned..
    I got a PM from him, hm, Thursday, because I told him I was paying him this Friday, and he said something about how he was going out of town for a little bit, and if I paid him too late i'd have to wait awhile to get my stuff shipped.
    R.I.P Kao Megura (1979-2004)


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