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Thread: Huge basement sale!!! Stuff added & prices dropped 6/20/03

  1. Huge basement sale!!! Stuff added & prices dropped 6/20/03

    Just had the chance to visit my parents' house and dig out all my old gaming stuff that's in storage there. A lot of it I don't need any more, and it's got to go. I didn't even know I had some of this stuff!

    So, here's what's for sale. Prices are in US$, shipping not included.

    *edit* - New stuff added June 20. I've also dropped some of the prices on stuff that hasn't sold.


    DC-X disk (disk-only, $8)
    - Play all your imports!

    Bust a Move 4 (US, complete, $10)
    Giga Wing (US, complete, $10)


    Modded Saturn systems (both sold)

    Donpachi case & manual ($3)
    - No disk! Just the packaging.


    Final Fantasy Chronicles (US, complete, $30)
    - The manual is French, even though the game itself is English. Si vous est Francophone, ce sera le jeu pour vous! Even if you don't speak French, who reads the manual anyways? Manual has a rental sticker on the front, but otherwise everything's in perfect shape.

    Rockman X4 (JP, complete, $10)
    - Best collection release

    Raycrisis (JP, complete, $10)
    - Would be perfect, mint, and shiny, but there's a crack in the back of the case.

    G-Darius (PAL, complete - $5)

    Silhouette Mirage (US, complete - $7)
    - Pretty well mint. I haven't played it since I got the Saturn rev.

    Famicom stuff:

    Star Wars (complete! $25) - Hold for Yoshi
    - Comes complete in Namco plastic case, with stickers, manual, warranty card, ads, etc. The cart is a psychadelic shade of metallic blue. Cool stuff!

    Big box of old FC disks ($5)
    - 35 assorted disks, all bootlegs. None of them run on my FDS, but I don't know if that's the disks' fault, since my disk system is getting old and flaky. Maybe you can find a good use for them!

    Famicom Disk System RAM unit ($10)
    - If your FDS missing the RAM unit? This could be just what you need! Nice shape & working perfectly.

    Quinty (loose, $1)
    - Old puzzle game by Game Freak, makers of Pokemon.

    Assorted Famicom manuals ($0.50 each)
    - Loose booklets for Dragon Slayer 4, "Ninja JajaMaru-kun", Milon's Secret Castle, Volguard 2, Super Arabian, Ninja-kun, Pac-Land, and Pac-Man.

    NES stuff:

    Game Genie ($4)
    - Comes with book!

    Popeye (Hong Kong version w'box, $3)
    - Official release, not a bootleg. Looks like a US NES cart, but it's a lighter shade of gray. Not sure if it'll work on a US NES or not, but it runs fine on my Famicom w'adaptor.

    Image Fight (loose, $2)
    Tiger Heli (complete, excellent shape, $8)
    Mendel Palace (loose, $2)
    Dragon Spirit (loose, $3)
    Raid on Bungeling Bay (complete, $8)

    Unlicensed games:
    Tagin' Dragon (w'manual, $5)
    Master Chu and the Drunkard Hu (loose, $2)
    Spiritual Warfare (loose, $5)
    Krazy Kreatures (complete, $8)
    Impossible Mission 2 (loose, $8)

    Genesis/Megadrive stuff:

    Moonwalker (loose, $2)
    Phantasy Star II (with case, $10)

    Rise of the Dragon (JP, complete, $2)
    - Japanese Mega CD rev of the graphic adventure game.

    SNES stuff:

    D-Force (w'box, $2)
    - Super-crappy SNES shooter. See how not to use Mode 7!

    Gameboy/GBA stuff:

    5-in-1 (loose, $15)
    - A really good multicart. It's got Rockman World 5, Samurai Shodown, Fatal Fury 2, Mortal Kombat, and some basketball game. Worth it for Rockman alone! All games are complete versions with no bugs.

    Yakuman ($1)
    - A generic Japanese Mah-jong game. Box is kinda squished.

    PC Engine/TG16:

    Battle Ace (complete, $8)
    - Outer cardboard cover is faded, but otherwise it's in amazing shape.

    Macross: Do you remember love? (missing manual, $10)
    - The strategy game SCD, not the shooter.

    1943 Kai case & manual ($4)
    - Just the manual & case, no hucard

    Shanghai II (Jp, complete, $5)
    - CD version of the tile-matching game. It's actually really good, which is why I've held on to it for so long.

    Neutopia (US, loose, $7)
    Columns (Jp, loose, $5)


    Sonic Wings 2 (JP cart, complete, $120)
    - The last remaining piece of my Neo collection. It's complete and in absolutely perfect shape.

    PC games:

    Ultima VI: The False Prophet ($6)
    - Includes box, disks, reference card, and various other papework (Origin Catalog, etc). It's the 5.25" version, but it includes a set of 3.5" backup disks, so you'll have no trouble running it in your PC. I have no idea whether or not the original disks work, but I've tested the backup and it's working great. The map and manual aren't included, but it's not hard to find a copies of these on the 'net.

    Ultima: The Second Trilogy ($18)
    - Comes with box, disks, manual. As with Ultima 6, it's the 5.25" version. But, it includes a backup of everything on CDR, which is much better to use anyhow since Ultima 4 & 5 no longer have their copy protection. This is a great set! Ultima 5 is one of the best PC RPGs of all time, even though it's old.

    Other stuff: (books, CDs, etc)

    Rockman 5 strategy guide (Jp, $8)
    - Excellent hint book for Rockman/Mega Man 5. Loaded with maps for every spot in the game, strategies for bosses and tough spots, and secrets. It's Japanese, but there are plenty of pictures so it's not hard to understand.

    Civilization official guide (US, $3)
    - Remember this? If you still play the original "Civilization" on your PC, then this is a pretty handy book.

    Rockman Kiki Ippatsu CD (Jp, $6)
    - A Rockman drama CD, with various voice actors playing the part of Rockman, Wily, Light, etc. There's also a track of classic Rockman music at the end.

    Rockman X arrange soundtrack (sold)


    Legend of Dragoon ($4)
    - Double-sided. Both sides show different scenes of the characters flying around in their wing getups and looking serious. Really colourful poster, super-shiny poster. Looks good - I like the poster better than the game! In pretty much perfect shape.

    Star Ocean: Second Story ($3)
    - Also double-sided, but both sides are the same. Has the "blue wheel" thing from the box art, and some screenshots. One side is in great shape, but the back has some tape scars.

    Meal Gear Solid: VR Missions ($4)
    - The game sucked, but the poster is cool! Background is dominated by a big green "Ninja", with Snake and two of the bad guys in the foreground. A really nice poster. Front is perfect, some left-over tape on the back.

    Turbografx-16 ($3)
    - This is the big ugly orange-themed poster that came with the original TG16 system. Not the prettiest poster in the world, but it's an interesting display of pop art by our friend who designed the US TG16 box art. Has some creases in it and tape on the back.

    Gradius 3&4 ($7)
    - Awesome Japanese poster with a huge Vic Viper dominating the front. The background is green with some assorted boss pics. Looks really good! Poster has a few dings on it, but it's nothing you'll notice when it's on the wall.

    DC Soul Calibur ($10)
    - This poster is from shortly before the DC launch. It's a large poster (2'x4'), black on one half (with the "bad" characters and the Soul Edge), and white on the other (with the Soul Calibur and the "good" characters). "The Legend Will Never Die" is written across the bottom. This poster looks extremely cool and is one of my favourites. As usual, the front is in great shape, but there's tape on the back.

    - - - - -

    And that's about it! If you're interested in anything or have questions, feel free to PM, e-mail (, or reply here. If you think something's too expensive, feel free to make an offer - the worst I can do is say "no".

    I'll be leaving this coming Thursday, so realistically I'd have to get payment before Wednesday morning. At this point, Paypal is pretty much the only payment option I can take, unless there's something special you have in mind that would work.

    As usual, I'm happy to ship anywhere in the world, as long as you can cover the cost of postage.

  2. I will take Raiden DX and the loose Super GB off your hands, assuming they're in collectible shape.

    Feel free to PM w/ details.

  3. Are you interested in trades? IF so, I;m interested in the sega CD.

  4. I'll take Advance Wars if the cart/manual are in mint shape. PM me if you'd like to make a deal.
    I guess you've learned the benifit to waiting.
    I agree, they should give people like you something. Perhaps a kick in the balls would do nicely and make you slightly less retarded.

  5. I may be interested in the:

    Ridge Racer Type 4 LE (US, complete, $12)
    - The "big yellow box with Jogcon" edition

    Pm the details.

  6. I'll take Rail Loaders.

  7. Sqoon, you have a PM

    BenT - both Raiden and the SGB are in excellent shape - I'm sure you'd be very happy with them. Shipping will be $4 for both! Clean out your PM box, and we can work everything out.

    Criticom - Sure, I can take trades. What have you got?

    Glock17 - Sorry, but Advance Wars is already gone

    Videodrone - Your PM box is full! But, the shipping price you asked about would be $7.50.

    Regus - Someone else already asked about RR4, but you'll be first in line if he backs out.

    Hayato - your PM box is full! (isn't everybody's?) But the trade + $5 for Sonic 2 sounds great. Please don't send it right away, though (I'm out of town at the moment). PM me once you've cleaned out your PM box and we can work everything out.

  8. Oh, sorry about that. The quota meter doesn't seem to be working. I just deleted a bunch of love notes from Sleeveboy, so it should be fine now.

  9. Well, what systems are you looking to get stuff for? Then I'll be able to offer you some stuff with a bit more ease.

  10. sorry about the full PM box Matt. Sent the RR4 Regus's wife is on my case about my game buying this month

    i didn't believe galaxies was actually going to come out this month!


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