View Poll Results: Which 19-- game do you like?

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  • 1942

    3 12.50%
  • 1943

    5 20.83%
  • 1943 Kai

    1 4.17%
  • 1941

    0 0%
  • 19XX

    13 54.17%
  • 1944

    2 8.33%
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Thread: "Gallery 19--"!

  1. 19XX is my pick. I like 41 and 43, but like others have said, while not exactly original, Strikers is better. Bomber Raid was another good clone that was competiton in the 8-bit days.

  2. I'll give 1942 a vote.
    ...many encounters with that game; from 80's mall arcades, dark bowling alleys, pizza parlors, NES basement sessions..
    During the mid 90's domination of Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat it was hard to find anything but. (The exception of course being NeoGeo multi systems with Veiwpoint, etc) The last original arcade owner from the 80's mall era still had a small hole in the wall establishment in the ColonialParkMall, (that mall once had two jammin' arcades!, along with individual units interspersed through out! GOd damn!, those were the dayS!!)
    Hey now, I'm gettin' excited,
    yeah so, for like 12 years there was the same 1942 cabinet in one of the arcades at Colonial Park, and me and Ray beat that shit one rainy depresed day. I mighta spent like 3 bucks and ray maybe 5. Not bad, but granted I probably dropped scores of cash into that machine over the years.
    5 or 6 years later Capcom Genrations 1 came my way, and the whistle cadance BGM haunts me in my sleep.

  3. 19XX


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