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Thread: "GameBoy is for 10 year olds"

  1. Well , THAT statement is a bunch of crap :-p

    Heck, all age people can enjoy the awesome gaming library of the GBA.

    BTW, I'd like to point out 2 things: 1 the GBA SP looks like a PDA anyway, so its cool :-)

    2. All the people who were kids about 10 years ago and who love 2D games find a haven on the GBA with all of its 2D games. And those people happen (now) to be in their 20s.

    So there, Nokia, Burn out and die. ;-)

  2. Originally posted by Johnny Undaunted
    If Nokia knew what they were doing, they would cancel the N-Gage, cover their losses on development and save themselves from embarassment. But it seems rational thinking is not one of Nokia's strongest point.
    They are Finnish after all.
    Quote Originally Posted by Drewbacca View Post
    There is wisdom beyond your years in these consonants and vowels I write. Study them and prosper.

  3. What makes the Ngage so great is that you have to remove the batteries to insert a new game. Amazing!

  4. Originally posted by Chojin
    What makes the Ngage so great is that you have to remove the batteries to insert a new game. Amazing!
    Uhhh EW!

  5. Here's Gabe's rant about this quote, and the N-Gage in general, from Penny Arcade:

    As if the fact that the Nokia N-Gage is a pile of shit was not enough by itself to keep gamers everywhere from purchasing it, the head of Nokiaís entertainment division decided to insult his target audience. In an article over at Gamespot he had this to say regarding their competition.

    "Game Boy is for 10-year-olds," said Ilkka Raiskinen, head of Nokia's entertainment and media arm. "If you're 20 or 25 years old, it's probably not a good idea to draw a Game Boy out of your pocket on a Friday night in a public space."

    Dear Mr. Nokia, my name is Gabe. You might know me better as a member of the lucrative 18-25 year old male demographic. Thatís right, I am a 24 year old early adopter with disposable income just burning a hole in my pocket and a thirst for the latest technological gadgets. I also happen to be a gamer which makes me the exact sort of person who might purchase your new cellular phone/portable game system. Unfortunately for you that will never happen.

    Your first mistake was creating a dual purpose product that fails miserably at both of its purposes. Your phone is awkward and uncomely. Your game system is undesirable and insipid.

    Your second mistake was in allowing Mr. Raiskinen to ever open his fucking mouth in public. His statement is so absurd that it borders on the humorous. In fact if I were not quite certain that he was serious I would think it was a joke. Not a good idea to take out a game boy in a public place? Does this man even live on this planet? Did he make these comments from inside some kind of protective bubble orbiting the earth, insulated from the day to day happenings of itís inhabitants? If I am out with my buddies on a Friday night and we are waiting in line for a movie or some other event I can guarantee that Game Boys will come out. Not one of my friends is without a GBA. They are practically a necessity at this point. Like bread or water. It is the poor young man still playing snake on his cell phone in the airport that gets the pitting look from our group.

    We even strung our link cables across the seats in the airplane on our way to E3 in order to partake in some four player Puyo Pop. Whereas airline regulations will not even allow me to turn on your masterfully designed game system while anywhere near a fucking airplane much less play a game to pass the time. Oh and speaking of great design, having to remove the battery in order to change gamesÖbrilliant.

    Between your insulting advertising, shitty fucking product and infuriating public comments itís almost like you are TRYING to get gamers to hate you. I honestly cannot understand how a single company could make so many mistakes. I await your next move with absolute fear because at this rate there is no telling what you might do. Perhaps Nokia agents will scour the globe seeking out gamers and then kicking them firmly in the yam sack. Or maybe letters! Mailed out to gamers worldwide that upon opening release deadly nanomachines into the air that once inhaled by the gamer begin to devour him from the inside out. God only knows what horrors await us gamers at the hands of these Finnish devils. Stay vigilant my friends!

    -Gabe out
    I love the part about not being able to play it on a plane, and he gets jabs in there about having to remove the battery to change a game.
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    K3V is awesome!

  6. Originally posted by Captain Vegetable
    They are Finnish after all.
    FINNISH HIM!!!!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Compass
    Squall's a dick.

  7. neo-pocket for life, yo.
    "I've watched while the maggots have defiled the earth. They have
    built their castles and had their wars. I cannot stand by idly any longer." - Otogi 2

  8. Originally posted by Roufuss

    I find it funny that you called the people playing GBA SP dorky, yet you went home to a video game message board to post about it and seem cool?
    Eh? Im a geek, I dont care, I admit it to anyone who asks.

    Anyway, my point was that Nokia is too stupid to realize that you will NEVER look cool when you're jamming away on a portable game system. Its just not possible. For Nokia to actually think that the N-Gage will be hip and radical shows just how little they know about the gaming industry and gamers.

    Now go home and get your fucking shine box!

  9. Originally posted by frostwolf ex
    FINNISH HIM!!!!!!
    That was really bad, dude.

    So bad, in fact, I found myself it's badness that is.
    Quote Originally Posted by Drewbacca View Post
    There is wisdom beyond your years in these consonants and vowels I write. Study them and prosper.

  10. Gabe fucking owned Nokia with that statement.

    I will not buy this piece of shit, even without the stupid exec comments. It's horribly designed, too expensive, and has shit support.

    That comment was akin to a professional athlete, whose team's championship hopes are about to be dashed, taking pot shots at the other' coach's mama:

    pure fustration at having his ass handed to him.


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