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Thread: "GameBoy is for 10 year olds"

  1. "GameBoy is for 10 year olds"

    It appears that Nokia has been talking trash about Nintendo's Game Boy Advance, in a bid to gain a foothold in the portable gaming system genre. Launching worldwide on October 7th, Nokia's N-Gage, all-in-one, portable game system, cellphone, PDA.
    The N-Gage will retail for upwards of $299, and each game card will cost about $30-$40. So far Sega, Taito, THQ, Eidos, Activision and others have games on the way, and Nokia is also working on their own original content.

    "GameBoy is for 10-year-olds. If you're 20 or 25 years old, it's probably not a good idea to draw a GameBoy out of your pocket on a Friday night in a public space," the head of Nokia's entertainment division, Ilkka Raiskinen said. Raiskinen claims the cost of developing a game is roughly between $100,000 and $ 500,000, and that developers will receive royalty fees of up to 70% for each game, though some will be paid a flat fee.

    If the N-Gage takes off as a viable platform, you will be sure to see some reviews and impressions here at GA.


  3. Re: "GameBoy is for 10 year olds"

    Originally posted by Shinobi128

    My sentiments exactly.
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  4. The Gameboy is for kids. It's always been marketed that way, and they own far more of the units and games. None of your laughing will stop this.
    Boo, Hiss.

  5. It may be marketed for a younger audience, but saying that I'll somehow be shunned by my piers because Im playing a GBA is rather silly.
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  6. I wonder how many of the Nokia folks own a GB anyway...

  7. Originally posted by Seven Force
    I wonder how many of the Nokia folks own a GB anyway...
    I guess that would depend on how many Nokia folks want to play great games on the go.

  8. Originally posted by JMET

    But I kind of see their point.. I mean, I own a GBA, and it's not something I'd whip out in like a bar or anything. But for ten year olds? It's friendly for everyone of all ages, I don't see how that suddenly translates into "GBA iz 4 TEH KIDZ!!!!1111".

    This is just Nokia knowing their product is ass, and is trying to guilt people into buying their excuse for machinery.
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  9. I play mine in public. Lets say I'm waiting for the lightrail to arrive. Blam, out comes the SP and I'll be playing. Now if I'm at a place that has a lot of people, I'm not gonna be non-social, so I won't even bring it. There is a difference there, and Nokia isn't acknowledging it.

  10. I would never pay that much for the N GAY..


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