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    My list!

    Hmm, I've only dealt with two traders as of right now, neither through these boards. But both use the trade center, so I might as well give them some MORE positive feedback.

    JohnPV - sent me Suikoden II for 37 bucks in great condition. Need I say more?

    NeomegaCloud - very fast shipping, and good condition as stated.

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    Sabin - I got my game as I was sending out the freakin' money! That kicks some major ass. (Of coarse, I had just gotten the address the night before.)

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    Thumbs up to..

    This week brings my thumbs up to the following I've dealth with


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    Werewolf sent me free stuff despite me telling him not to.

    Glock sent my stuff out quite fast, and I got it within a few days from Canada.

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    Got Valkyrie Profile from Wolffen in some awesome packaging. Thumbs up to him.

    Also rummy and starslight were pleasant to deal with.

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    Giltch Guest
    Props to Grave for the friggin' MINT CONDITION games, the insane ammount of bubble wrap, and the lovely stationary. And oh yeah, no anthrax!

    I'm gonna get started on Super R-Type as soon as I can.


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