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Thread: VMU mini games

  1. ST3 comes with VMU old maid card game, which you can play against the girl of your choice. Pretty cool considering the limitations of the hardware.

    The CCS game had a total of 8 VMU games, though I never did manage to unlock them all. I was only able to play the first one, a catch the falling items game, before the battery died anyway.
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  2. Originally posted by Zerodash
    Perhaps should include a section on DC VMU games....

    *hint, hint, Haoh!*
    /me appoints Zerodash as "Offical DC VMU Section of DCH Curator"

    Please get busy.

  3. trickstyle had a game like snake on cell phones...that was worth the $5 I paid for that horrible horrible game though...

  4. Maybe if my ears didn't bleed everytime I started up my Dreamcast, I would like the VMU.

  5. The Japanese tutor VMU program that I created was the best VMU minigame ever. *heh*
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  6. No one remembers the Soul Calibur VMU game? That was the best one. It even had voice, it said the name Namco.Great music too.It was only available at segas site, it wasnt in a game.It seems like sega shut down their vmu section.But I found a site that has it (with other vmu game, power stone, Sega GT, Football.)

    Three games in one: Voldo Panic, Word Scramble and Cannon Dare.
    High scores are saved in the VMU.

    A special Xianghua animation, Soul Calibur soundtrack and more.

    Full instructions guide you through each game.


    Here's another site if the other sites downloads arent working (I didnt test them)

  7. I really enjoyed that Snake game in Trickstyle that Neomegacloud mentioned. Its too bad I picked up Trickstyle on the DC launch day though, that game pretty old really damn fast.

    Tech Romancer has quite a bit of VMU stuff going for it, and kinda requires that you play it if you want all the secrets in that game (and there are many).

    That Chao game for SA blew though, oh how I hate Pet Raising games.
    Barf! Barf! Barf!

  8. Originally posted by Grandia2
    No one remembers the Soul Calibur VMU game?
    Originally posted by me a few posts ago.
    And you could download this soul calibur one from
    Oh, and that little football game sega put out was beyond awful.

    And I don't think this counts, because it required the vmu to be plugged in to the controller and the game to be on to play it, but Quake 3 had these annoying ass maze mini games that you had to complete to unlock the cheat codes.

  9. Oops sorry didnt catch that. Hey Regus, remember NoBullet from GameGO. Thats me I remember playin AFO with you.

  10. Oh shit, good to see you around. You still using your DC for the internet? You should stop by #neomega, on the same server as #gamego!.


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