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Thread: im new

  1. im new

    yeah im trying to get more active
    in art forums and places that
    involve art
    you can check em out (my site aint up now)
    feel free to post suggestions
    and all that stuff

  2. The link is dead.
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  3. You got some pretty good stuff, I like your style.

    Leatherface is pimpin.
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    Then I got a Jag, took it home, and something seemed... not right.

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  5. sey whaat

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    You heard me... bitch.

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  8. wait whats this?!
    did i do something wrong
    before i lash out

  9. No, this is just a ritual all newbies have to deal with. Generally it doesn't mean anything personal. Introduction threads tend to get this reaction.


  10. I would like to ask all of the immature people not to ruin the Galleria like you have the other forums. This is not Sound Off! or Gaming Discussion.

    It's nothing personal Knomer, every new person gets the STFU Newbie picture no matter what they said. You could have been offering to give them 10 million dollars and they would have given it to you. Just some sort of initiation.

    BTW you have a lot of style. But what the hell is that rapping ninja turtle!? It's awesome.
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