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Thread: DC design

  1. It's good, but would look better if the patter continued to the top right... so that it doesn't abuptly start on the lid.

  2. Originally posted by Andrew
    I think the white space to the left really is the best contrast to the pattern on the right. It accents everything about it, ten fold. This is why I advised against tattoing the other side.
    I agree completely. Good job on the design and clean technical look of it.

    What exactly did you use for that design? Hope it doesn't start cooking when your Dreamcast is on a while. *-neo

  3. You're only missing the words "Fantasic Plastic Machine"

    It's pretty cool, reminds me of a friend who draws really cool things on his arms that cover a good ammount, when he is bored as hell in class.

    Someone do me a favor and take that image, and use photoshop to throw on Fantastic Plastic Machine onto that so it looks cool. He can use it as his sig :P. If he wants it (I don't have photoshop yet)

  4. I say leave the other side empty.Looks better that way.
    Or if you really want you could the same pattern but in contrast.Think that be cool too.

  5. it looks like half the machine is cracked and bleeding all over..

    good work.
    MK2 on XBLA plz - let the unfolding of gameplay begin!!

  6. perhaps a bit too intricate, i think tribal style designs work best when they're big bold and chunky looking.

    but then it's easy to do over.

    nice work!

  7. Thanks everyone ^_^
    I've erased it, and Im going to do a different design on it, with black paint. Hopefully it will look a lot better.
    The first design was done with prismacolor marker.
    To understand man, walk it shoe on other foots.

  8. You know, the Dreamcast IS the real Fantastic Plastic Machine.

  9. Fantastic indeed!
    L'Aventure Fantastique!
    To understand man, walk it shoe on other foots.


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