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Thread: a very minor suggestion...

  1. a very minor suggestion...


    Overall, this place is better than ever, keep up the good work dudes!

    I have one very minor suggestion though.

    Would it be possible for you's to turn :P into a smiley? its just that I use IRC alot, and I think the smiley with a capital P looks much better than with a lower case p, so I've trained myself to capitalise it. When it stays as text here it makes my posts look crappier, and I'm sure there are other people like me. Like i said, its not a major problem by any stretch of the imagination, but such a minor thing would be beneficial for the boards overall.

    I understand that alot of shit's going on behind the scenes at the moment, so if its too much of a hassle I completely understand. Like i said, its just a minor suggestion.


  2. no

  3. #3
    I always forget that is in fact : p because some forums I use are : P and not : p, so making it both : P and : p would really be cool.

  4. How about you fucking stop using emoticons all together?

  5. >

    I'll go add a synonym for in a bit.

  6. Originally posted by cka
    Aint that the truth. :mega:

  7. Thats the only good one.

  8. LOL @ 88

  9. Originally posted by cka

    I'll go add a synonym for in a bit.
    Is there another word for synonym?


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