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Thread: Lookin for some saturn games

  1. Lookin for some saturn games

    Heres the list...


    Dragon Force
    Guardian Heroes


    Sexy Parodius
    Snatcher (trying for the complete snatcher/policenauts set )

    DF and GH are at the top of my priority list right now though. Been too long since I've played them. Of course there are more games I'm lookin for for the saturn but don't exactly have the cash right now.
    I would probably pay by MO but tell me if you're lookin for a game and maybe we'll trade. The only game now I can think of to trade is Skullmonkeys but there's others I'd be willing to trade...for various systems so just let me know. IM me ThePolicenaut or email me

    Later all...

  2. Well, being the resident Snatcher and Policenauts expert here you know which i can comment on....Snatcher for the Saturn can still easily be found on Ebay, some expensive, some not. When you say you are trying for the "whole set", are you trying for the Saturn version of both Snatcher and Policenauts, or EVERY version of both games like I have?


    P.S.- My POLICENAUTS WALKTHROUGH has begun! I am about half way done now for anyone who is interested...

  3. EVERY VERSION!! (though I probably won't find SD snatcher..oh well) Oh and you're doing a walkthrough of Policenauts? Nice. You translating it also or no? Cause my project for a long time has been to completely translate Policenauts. It was to be the Beyond Coast Project. I started it over 2 years ago but every time I found a few people that said they would help me they ended up either doing nothing or not doing what I asked them to do. It got very annoying. So then I decided to put it off till about July of this year...enough time to find some more people to work on it but I don't know if I'll still do it now that I hear you are doing a Policenauts walkthrough. Anyway...good news anyway. I really wanted to do it but even if I get a few people it'll still take massive amounts of my time if we translated the whole thing. Well...good luck with your walkthrough. I will be the first one to dl it or see it or whatever.

    I'm exposing Policenauts to as many people as possible. So far 10 that never heard of it love it.

    Later all...

  4. I'm exposing Policenauts to as many people as possible. So far 10 that never heard of it love it.
    Make sure to send 'em my way even they want even more info.
    Ah ha, so you ARE trying for every version like me! I never bothered getting the PC versions (just stuck to the console versions). Maybe you saw it, but SD was up on Ebay a week or two back..Oddly enough, as I have said time and again, the Sega CD is still easily the best version out there. I was very disappointed with the PSX and Saturn versions...
    ***Regarding my Policenauts Walkthrough...I am doing a walkthrough with a good amount of translation to it (if that makes sense LOL). I do admit I do not know the full story 100%, but only because Policenauts is SO full of tiny details...BUT, I believe I now know over 90% of it (including many little details). Basic story I know 100% from awhile ago. I figured it was time to finally write a really good walkthrough with more accurate info. on it since one is no where to be found on the web... I know I'm probably revealing many plot points that many didn't know about before, and, so far, I think it's coming along pretty damn well LOL (I'm up to Act 6 already). Well, I hope you get a chance to check it out and, again, it would be highly appreciated if you spread the word too about it Well, if there's ever a question or comment in your mind about either game or my site, feel free to msg me


    P.S.- Since I know you have the Saturn version...isn't the first opening CG SO much better than the Sega CD's opening? **previous sentence filled with heavy sarcasm** LOL Someone actually said that to me....

  5. I haven't played any versions (still killing myself for passing up getting the Sega CD version way back when), but what are some of the differences between them?
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  6. Hmmm, theres a good deal of difference between all of the versions. To make it quick and simple, heres what makes Sega CD version best: Special opening sequence, best quality music, a few brief extra clips, more storyline at the ending, most challenging shooting sequences at the end, and Justifier light-gun support...If you want to know every EXACT differnce between all the versions, and pics of them too, they are on my site. Some may argue, but to me, without a doubt, the Sgea CD version is definitely number one.

  7. cool, thanks. I'll check the site out
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