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Thread: Net Yaroze Playstation Dev Kit (Lower reserve, relisted)

  1. Net Yaroze Playstation Dev Kit (Lower reserve, relisted)

    (Relisted this baby as I need to get rid of this before I leave Japan...)

    Its a charcoal grey colored Japanese Net Yaroze system complete with all the accessories / docs / boxes. Plays all US / EURO / JAP games and is the only PSX that does so 'out the box'.

    Would probably be useful for homebrew coders and folks who want to play imports without the need for a mod chip.

    Reserve price is roughly $250... (Reduced)
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  2. If you want to know delivery costs to you, give me a shout.

  3. Damn! Fuckers pulled the auction!!

  4. Why the fuck would they pull it? Wasn't it an officaly released system from Sony?
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  5. That's a damn good price you're offering for it, since it originally ran for about $800 didn't it?
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  6. I think it might be because when they originally sold the Net Yaroze system it wasn't the actually system you bought but you registered for a license and the system came with a package... that's if I remember correctly, I think that is probably why they pulled it since eBay is a pain when it comes to licensed goods.

  7. It could've been taken off if you put "Plays all US / EURO / JAP games and is the only PSX that does so 'out the box'." Ebay is just too paranoid to realize that there is such a PSX that can play all games without it being modded. Just try to re-word it somehow.

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    If you called it a "PSX" at all, then you misrepresented what it was anyway. That is a false acronym that died when development was completed. The PSX is the new set-top box, no matter how many people can't get that right.


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