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Thread: games, controllers, and systems for sale (UPDATED PRICES)

  1. games, controllers, and systems for sale (UPDATED PRICES)

    allrighty, all the items are in excellent to mint condition, i am anal when it comes to protecting my games and systems. i have found a new calling and must get some $$ to start it up.

    -never opend, still in shrinkwrap Zelda Wind Waker and Ocarina of Time $43 shipped (or make and offer)

    -import DC Last Blade 2 with spine card - $25 shipped

    -import (mint, in box, never used) PS/PS2 Soul Calibur II Hori Arcade stick - $50 shipped (it's heavy and large)

    -import DC Cosmic Smash - $30 shipped

    -PAR 5-1 cart for playing imports and for use with Capcom/SNK games that require extra ram, also has save memory for game saves [not active save though]
    -import Layer Section

    i have done a fair amount of trading on this board, as well as have Ebay feedback.
    please e-mail me at if interested in anything or PM here.
    i am mostly interested in cash, or the following
    Compact Flash type 2 802.11 WiFi cards
    Secure Digital (SD) memory cards
    or any other hardware for Pocket PC devices

    thanks for looking

  2. How much would you want for the Saturn sytem without the games considering I already have most of them?
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  3. ill take that 5-in-1 off your hands. how much you want?

  4. both you guys, please make an offer, i am not sure what the going prices are. i just ask that you be fair.


  5. what condition is the saturn in, scuffs scratches and so on. is it boxed with the manual? just trying to get an idea of the condition.
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  6. Which version of LB2 is it?

    I am interested, but broke... can you give me a week or two?

  7. -the Saturn is in pristine condition, but unfortunately no box, have the manual for it though.
    -not sure what you mean which version of LB2, i bought it when it first came out, it's the original release with all the blood and stuff. (it's the Japanese import copy)
    yes, i could wait a week if you are seriously interested.

  8. check your pm plik.
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  9. dropped the prices of the PS2 Arcade stick, the Zelda pack, and the Saturn system

  10. i put the Saturn on Ebay. anyone interested in the other stuff?
    Come on!


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