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Thread: Special 7-strip Week at HUAD.

  1. Special 7-strip Week at HUAD.

    My own personal Iron Man Triathalon consisting of Writing, Drawing and Not punching my fucking computer. 7 days, 7 strips. All dedicated to the memory of my friend Clint.

    So I hope you'll all stop by and check them out. Most of all, I hope everyone gets a solid smile out of it. Frankly, this is going to really kick my ass (it usually takes me a few days to write a strip and then at least 2 or 3 hours to make one) but I think it'll still be a lot of fun. (or click on the pic in my sig).

  2. I'm bumping it for Jigen.

  3. So how did it go?

    Didn't break your monitor I hope.


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