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    Are there any decent lord of the rings/ hobbit games out there for PS2? Or if not, any good old fantasy killing games you know of?

  2. Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance...Never played it but I heard it was great...
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  3. Jae's right, that would be your first logical choice for a fantastic fantasy game. I havn't played it, but I'm pretty sure Eternal Ring is in the fantasy league, but it isn't supposed to be anything above average.
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  4. i like gauntlet. it's not really an adventure game, but it has fantasy elements like the typical fantasy characters, magic, and those other stuff that makes up fantasy settings.

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  6. Like the man said before. Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance on PS2 is great. Infact, its awesome. I definetly recommend it. Its easily the best hack n slash game on PS2. Buy that for sure.
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  7. Well, I'm currently playing through Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance, and I'd have to say it's darn good indeed. Just when I think the hack/slash-based gameplay was getting a little repetitious, I come across a mild puzzle or platforming bit.

    To me, the best aspect of the game (other than the fantastic visuals) is the nostalgia factor, as I was a die-hard D&D player years ago. I can't get enough of those displacer beasts and gelatinous cubes! I also dig how your slain enemies don't disappear: you can retrace your steps and see all the bloody carnage.

    Oh, the two-player co-op gives the game a lot more value, plus it's more fun to slay evil with a friend.

    I've heard OK comments about Rune: Viking Warlord, but haven't played it.

    As you've got a PS2, you've got access to PS1 games as well....the only dungeon crawler that comes to mind is Vagrant Story (which is excellent, better than Dark Alliance even)..can anyone name any others?

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    Great that's somewhere to start!

    Does anyone know anything about the Reign of Fire game? I heard you get to be the humans or the dragon. I gotta be a dragon!

  9. Lord of the Rings and D&D made the Fantay world as we know it today, so going with Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance is as good as your going to get right now, but there is like 6 LotR games on the way, just wait till Fall, you'll be drowning.
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