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Thread: "Runaway Railroad" Original Shareware Puzzle Game

  1. "Runaway Railroad" Original Shareware Puzzle Game

    Runaway Railroad.

    Your job is to lay down the track pieces in a way so the train will go from one point on the screen to another on the opposite side. You get bonuses for picking up bags of money and lose points for using unnecessary track.

    Only other puzzle game I can think of with a similar play is Sparkz by Atari, but that was never even officially released (maybe it was, I don't know) and even then it was a falling piece puzzle.

    At any rate, I was playing it, and it's hip. It's a relaxing sort of puzzle, similar to Minesweeper, in that you can take your time and really think about what is a good move (and be rewarded for it).

    Give it a shot, it's only 1.1MB.

  2. No offense, but...

    Isn't this is just Pipe Dream with rotatable pieces and without the pressure? It seems half finished, with anemic sound effects and 8-bit-like graphics.

    I was hoping for more.
    Please stop confusing your opinion with fact.

  3. I can't believe someone wants 20 bucks for the full version of that.

  4. Re: No offense, but...

    Originally posted by NEOGEOman
    Isn't this is just Pipe Dream with rotatable pieces and without the pressure?
    No offense taken. I didn't think to compare it to PipeDream, but now that I do stop, it is very similar. I can't believe I missed that analogy, but at 4AM, I guess my old school analytical skills aren't as sharp as they could be.

    The graphics and sounds aren't that impressive, that much is for certain.

    The risk/reward scenario is different than PipeDream though and for me the placement of some of the bags of money requires a good amount of strategic planning. And that's what I liked. No rush, just sit there and problem solve. Like Mine Sweeper or Bridge Builder.

    My main beef with the game was the fact that getting all the money bags and having no extra track are mutually exclusive and not always possible to get both.

    But I think your points are totally valid

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    Not bad. When I first read "railroad", I assumed it would be a Locomotion rip-off but it's not.


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