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Thread: Shadowman 2 - Nobody played it?

  1. Shadowman 2 - Nobody played it?

    Well, This game came out a while ago, but I dont think we had any threads about it yet. So lets talk about it.

    I havent played it yet , but I'm looking forward some impressions of those people who did. How is the game? Does it measure up to the original, or its not good.

    So, Come in, dont be shy, and share your thoughts

  2. No matter how you try to hide it, you'll always be Dante/LDK/Sparda whomever.

    Shadowman (and 2) falls into my personal "I want to like it but can't force myself to" category. Voice-acting, sound, and overall atmosphere is very nice, but combat can be sticky. I never felt compelled to forge onwards. I'll admit I'm picky, but there are much better games to be played and replayed in that genre. Which reminds me, I've gotta finish Fur Fighters (again)....

    Satoshi Kon: 1963-2010

  3. Well, I'm not hiding it Bio

    Just decided to go with a new look for now


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