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    didn't have a pic of nightmare's armor with me

    ehh...looks like you gotta copy and paste it.

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    Originally posted by Xero_Kaiser
    ehh...looks like you gotta copy and paste it.
    Or you could just do this:
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  3. Were you trying to contort the view like that? Also, some different variety in value (meaning some really low) would help distinguish different part of it. Also, where's the mouth? You should be able to see the bottom lip and bottom of the barrel.
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  4. He doesn't have a mouth... because he's EVIL!!

  5. It's interesting, but a little distorted, as Andrew if it's skewed to the upper-right a bit. Sometimes, when positioning characters, it's useful to think of where their legs would go, even if they won't be in the helps you but the body right...if you ignore the legs and the character's foundation, you can sometimes end up with a floaty or "impossible" pose.

    Also, you need more room for the ribs/serratus muscles; they just seem sort of crammed in there without any anatomical mass. The hair is pretty cool though, and the hand over the face works as far as a pose (the other arm is a bit suspect, but, since it's so mutated, I'll give it). It sounds dorky, but when trying to pose a character, it helps to do the pose yourself in a quickly becomes apparent what the human body can or cannot do... It does look like you're trying to do some more with anatomy though, so that's good progress.

    One last thing: Why does he have a snake on his arm? Does he have that in the game? -I don't remember...

  6. He has a snake on his arm... because he's EVIL!!


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