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Thread: For Sale Chipped Xbox

  1. For Sale Chipped Xbox

    Hey: for sale a chipped xbox (PAL), this machine has been modified to run all region Xbox games and all region DVD's, it has had a Execture 2 lite chip put in and a 60 gig Hard Drive put in as well!!!

    i exept any offers over the mark of £200 gbp pounds. I will ship to the rest of the world but i live i the UK so i would prefer a UK buyer!! I will also swap it for a Modified PS2 it must be workind and must play US/ JAP/ and PAL games!!! please PM me with any queries or offers ::: Azordess :::

    Offering ROMs = not allowed. ~ burg

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    I don't trust you.
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  3. why, i no iam a newbie!! but in this world u have to trust someone in your life bnot just your doctor!

  4. english please..

  5. is there any one a little bit intressted in this sale, but no there is a rom of bangiaoh (N64) - which i ripped on!! yes i have a copy on the N64 - hahahahaha ::::azordess:::

    ****no = on

  6. Okay, you're banned.
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