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Thread: I made a cartoon.

  1. I made a cartoon. - 5.6 MB. Though its a cartoon ,its light on actual animation. I did it all on Sunday because I needed it done by today. =\

    So , tell me what you think of it, and etc.

    edit: Originally, it was an animated gif.

  2. Hmm...I can't seem to open it on my mac.

  3. First off:

    It locked up my imageready so bad that I had to reboot...twice :/

    After that I just made a webpage and viewed the the file on it on that, it then worked fine.

    Thought it was awesome though. As always I love your style and look foward to seeing more. I'd be cool if you could do something like that for your site, maybe using Flash so you can control the loading a bit better.

    I look foward to seeing more.

  4. I found a converter. here's an avi version: - 5.6 MB

    mpeg would be like 20+ MB. =\

    put in some placeholder music. Its Mio's theme from Lord of Elemental

  5. When you gonna upload the other chapters?

  6. Tomorrow and Friday, hopefully. I still need to finish them x_X

  7. Man, he got knocked the fuck out. For placeholder music it fits pretty well.

  8. Very cool, I liked it more than the first one. Better transistions and camera angles maybe?

    There was some video artifiacing<sp>, but other than that, sweetnes.

  9. These are awesome. Keep it up.


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