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Thread: Wanted: System Boxes...

  1. Wanted: System Boxes...

    I need the original boxes for the following systems:

    - Atari Jaguar
    - Sega Master System 1
    - Neo Geo AES System (U.S. or Jap)

    I'm willing to buy. Reply here or email me at


  2. Well, Melf, if I manage to find the box to my Jaguar AFTER I sell the system, I'll get in touch with you about selling it to ya
    omg TNL epics!

  3. My roommate said that he has his atari jaguar box if you're interested. What do you want to pay for it? He said you could pretty much just have it, he doesn't care.
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  4. Tobal, I PM'ed you.

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    TheSCHLONG! Guest
    i have a pretty ratty....well not too bad Master System box.....could take pics if you want.

  6. I'd appreciate it if you could provide some pics of that box. What are you asking for it?

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    TheSCHLONG! Guest
    well ive got a huge box to ship it in so i wont have to put labels on the actual box. ill take pics tomrrow if i get time. i honestly dont know how much you want to pay for a box. dunno about shipping either. im in pennsylvania.


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