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Thread: Looking for a PS2 controller adapter for the PC

  1. Looking for a PS2 controller adapter for the PC

    Anyone know a place that sells an adapter that allows you to hook up your PS2 controller to your PC via USB? Every PC controller I've tried sucks much ass.

  2. dunno about PS2 but Zophar's Domain sells ones for PSX stuff...the ones i see on ebay says they support PS2 controllers too but i don't know if these do.

  3. hook up your PS2 controller to your PC via USB? Every PC controller I've tried sucks much ass.
    <sarcasm>Way to try and move up in the world.</sarcasm>

    In any case, I've seen PS imitation controllers for PC before, have you tried those? (Imitation in that they looks exactly like Dual Shocks.) Don't remember their name, but I've seen them at Micro Center.

    I personally need a new one, but most major ones suck. Need to find one with a similar d-pad to my Gravis Gamepad (yep, still using it after the past eight years or so), that things rocks so hard.

  4. better yet, anyone know where to get a Sega Saturn to PC adapter or a SNES to PC adapter.....I'd rather use those pads, especially the Saturn one

  5. hacking saturn pads

    hacking saturn pads, please see my jamma biscuit page:

    Need the following components:

    - a PSX controller (any one will do, i just need the IC inside)
    - a saturn controller
    - various cabling, soldering tools, connectors.

    you will need a PSX-to-USB converter if you plan to use the
    saturn pad with your PC.

  6. IGN just did a review of an adaptor that works for PS2 controlers.... check out anyway, I'd give a more direct link, but it's time for bed. Maybe later I'll come back and edit it.
    Check out my blog:

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    I have one that lets you use PSX/PS2 dual shocks or N64 controllers on the PC. Unfortunately, there is no brand or anything, The link on the website just said "Psx N64 Adapter" and the adapter is just marked "PC-101"

    The controller works quite well, with a few slight annoyances. You HAVE to use the analog stick as your joystick. The digital pad counts as 4 extra buttons, but you can't use it as your gamepad, unless the game you are in lets you reassign it. Also, the button layout is a bit awkward. Again, most games let you change assignments, so it's no big deal, but the fact that it came with no software to let you do this is a bit annoying. But, in a game that lets you assign anything, it works quite well, and is the best PC gamepad I've ever used. Not that I'm a fan of the dual shock, but let's face it, pc gamepads blow.

    Unfortunately I can't tell you where to get one, I got it long ago and I can't find another one anywhere, but I hope this helps if you're still looking for one.
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