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Thread: Why Mario Sunshine looks terrible in still-screens... 3D display for Gamecube!

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    Stibbons Guest

    Why Mario Sunshine looks terrible in still-screens... 3D display for Gamecube!

    Not sure on the specifics, but all the info is in Gabe's posts near the bottom of

    This explains why Mario looks so boring and has those weird depth of field effects. It also explains world hunger, if you think about it.

  2. Hmmm - Odd. Very odd.

    Someone else poke through that GameFAQs thread for me, alright?

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    Stibbons Guest
    And as a pre-discussion thought... hold back your comments on how this is going to be lame or whatever. I know someone's going to say it. We haven't seen it yet, so let's try to keep this non-critical before actually seeing what it is. It would surely be a first.

    Like Nintendo always says, wait 'til E3.

  4. Well, it's a neat thought, but I just don't see how it could be.

    And even if they could make this technology affordable I still think it a bit of a logic-jump to proclaim it as the reason Mario Sunshine looks 'terrible,' or even to assume that it has anything to do with Mario Sunshine.


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    Stibbons Guest
    That's true. My Mario epiphany is just an assumption, but there has to be some way to explain those boring graphics.

  6. It they pull it off, it would be damned cool. They've probably been experimenting since the Virtual Boy, and we all know how much Nintendo loves privacy on their projects.

    However, I won't actually believe it until I see it, so I'm waiting for E3.

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    Stibbons Guest
    Mario Sunshine before...

    Mario Sunshine after...

  8. Stibbons: You're officially having way too much fun with this.

    But I love it all the same. And it better not be those damned 3D cardboard glasses...

  9. Mario Moonshine

    Quote Originally Posted by Yoshi View Post
    burgundy is the only conceivable choice.
    Quote Originally Posted by Drewbacca View Post
    I have an Alcatraz-style all-star butthole.

  10. innovative!


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