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Thread: Looking for some PS1 games....

  1. Looking for some PS1 games....


    I am looking for the following, either new or Mint and complete:

    Vanguard Bandits
    Saga Frontier 2

    Also Resident Evil 3 for the DC...I can't seem to find this game anywhere!!!

    Anyone that has the hookups, hook me up....if you see any of these new for cheap somewhere, pick it up! I'll try to make it worth your trouble...thanks!

  2. I could get you Vanguard Bandits brand new... but it is gonna cost crazy money.

    The only place I know of that still has it new is charging $75 for it.

    I'll be more than happy to pick it up for you if you want it that bad.

    send me a PM.

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    Wow $75 dollars new? Just buy Alundra and Vanguard Bandits direct from Working Designs just give em a call and a credit card number and they will hook you up though it really isn't cheap.


  4. Nah, I don't want them THAT bad...E-bay has them going for about $15-$25 each, so I can try to win an auction for them if I can't find them cheap locally.........


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