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Thread: Games With Unlockable Features

  1. smash bros melee and souledge forme. the new swords in soul edge really made me a fantic for the game, as they coudl alter how you played a particular character. Melee was just a non-stop memory trip for the figurines you could unlock.
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  2. I agree, Melee was great, you 'd have to play quite a long time to unlock all the characters, modes, levels, songs and trophies. Hell, I enjoy the fact that they keep a record of the date and time you unlock each item and first beat each level.

    Orta has some great un-lockables too, but I was fairly dissapointed to find out that eventually they are all unlocked when you play long enough. I like to accomplish something besides persistance to unlock an extra.

  3. DK64 includes the only arcade-perfect home release of the original DK.

    Mario Kart Super Circuit has all the original SMK tracks.

    And Super Monkey Ball 2 deserves a nod for having unlockable minigames that completely outshine the main game.
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  4. Day of the Tentacle had a PC on which you could play the original Maniac Mansion. This was before AC, too.

  5. AC? Anyway, it was nice, but it was crappier graphics, and you couldn't blow up the hamster in the microwave hehe. First time I can think of a game being hidden within a game though, and I still thought it was great.
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  6. No one has mentioned Soul Calibur yet? With all the talk of SC2 I'm surprised. MvsC2 had me playing long after I should have given up on it due to the huge number of unlockable characters.
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  7. All sequels or updates to older games should have the older games unlockable. Mario Sunshine shoulda had Mario 1 or something. Zelda WW shoulda had 1 or both of the Nes zeldas, Castlevania on PS2 should have one of the originals, Contra SS shoulda had the original, Ninja Gaiden better have on of the originals. The old games take up no space at all on a DVD and should be no problem to emulate. Hell, Snes or Genesis games take up no space, we should see some of those unlockable too!!!

    I feel its really shitty when the only unlockable content is art or music. Music should just be in the sound options anyways. Screw that waste of space shit! Use it for games!
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  8. Meh. There are far too many games out there to bother with more than one playthrough- not enough time to play 'em all.

    Also, it seems that too many games make up for lack of FUN GAMEPLAY by tacking on unlockables. I'd rather have a game that deserves to be played over and over because it is fun to play- not because I want to unlock shit...

  9. Originally posted by Ammadeau
    No one has mentioned Soul Calibur yet? With all the talk of SC2 I'm surprised. MvsC2 had me playing long after I should have given up on it due to the huge number of unlockable characters.
    actually,compered to the multiple swords and outifts from the home version of soul edge, sc was a bit of a dissapointment. the katas and artwork was nice, but you only ever got 3 swords per guy(p1,p2,and weapon master) that all played exactly the same. Add the fact theat namco barely gave a quarter of the characters third costumes ,and sc was a dissapointment to me. The game its self was great,and it was a prettier than arcade conversion,but after edge, i was expecting more.
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  10. The unlockable E-reader stuff in Super Mario Bros.3 for GBA looks super kick-ass.

    For instance, you can use the cape from SMW, and you can go to new levels like a re-made version of w 1-1 from SMB1 (not the All Stars version, a NEW version using SMB3 graphics).

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