Some of the unlockable stuff actually gets on your nerve. I wanted to just play SC and VF4 with everything available. I seriously did not wan't to fight the stupid AI for everything. I think it detracts in all the games that are built for replay value gameplaywise. The GT series TOTALLY relies on unlocking tracks and buying cars, which isn't much of a crutch in my opinion.

For some games unlockables are totally welcome though. Like single player games to get you to finsih the game again. Or something cool like Metal Slugs and PDO's playing as the enemy modes. Shinobi had some nice unlockables too although I still haven't gotten the character I really want to unlock, Joe Musashi. Kinda pisses me off actually.heh heh

Lucky in SC2 they allow you to play a normal mode instead of the edgemaster mode. That mode would screw up the balance like crazy. If you're serious about SC, then you probably will never touch that mode. You don't want to throw your game off with any character you get good at.