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    Surprisingly there have been a number of soft drink-themed games made.

    Midway's Root Beer Tapper

    Sega's Coca Cola Kid

    Virgin's Cool Spot

    KID's Pepsiman

    And some German-made Amiga game called Pepsi all over the World

    There was some other Coke game for PC as well.

    Any I missed?

  2. I'm almost positive there was a Fido-Dido game. He was the skinny cartoon mascot for 7up (or was it sprite?) back in the late eighties.

  3. Edit: Never mind. Apparently I can't read.

  4. Yes, there was a Fido-Dido game, as well a number of Spot games for Genesis, Super Nintendo, and possibly Game Gear.

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    Yeah there was a Fido Dido Genesis game. I don't really watch TV so I didn't even know he was soft drink-related.

    Also, I forgot about Pepsiman's appearance in the import Fighters Megamix.

  6. And don't forget about Cool Spot on the NES, which in reality, was a boring board game simulation. I'm sure the Spot endorsment was added in for a little flavor at the last moment.

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    Wasn't there a Coke vs Pepsi game for the 2600? I doubt it saw release but I remember reading about it somewhere.

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    Stibbons Guest
    7-up has no caffeine.

  9. "Root Beer Tapper" my body part of choice, that's just Tapper, and it's all about Beer. "Root Beer" was added to castrate it down to acceptable levels after people grumbled.

    I swear to god, I saw a version of it with 7-up. It seemed to... wrong. Like, I don't know, Snake exploring his feminine side or something. Poor emasculated thing...


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    Yeah, the proper alcoholized version of Tapper is much cooler but it didn't fit this thread.


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