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Thread: Berserk sketch

  1. Berserk sketch

    at first it was just a random pic of nobody in particular but it started to look like guts so I went ahead and went with that

    sorry about that funny smudge near his left shoulder, I pic it on my desk before scanning it and there was a wet spot

  2. Well done . I'm collecting the Bersek manga right now (translated, of course), so I'm really into Berserk right now. Hmmm.. I'd say give his chest more bulge . Guys with muscular breasts are more manly (you heard me!).


  3. I'll have to remember the man-boob thing

    and Darkhorse needs to hurry up with the berserk manga

  4. Berserk is rather... 'adult' in some chapters... of the sexual kind. If Darkhorse deleted the nude pages of the new Ghost in the Shell manga, they'll definitely do the same with Berserk. Even more so. I'd rate Berserk as an Hmanga if the H-scenes were more frequent than they are now. But I only have 4 or so volumes of it (ut of 25 so far) so I can't really tell. Where can you get 'em? emule .

  5. if they did that, how would they deal with slann then? (I don't know if you're far enough to have seen her yet)

  6. I agree.Bigger chest!!
    Plus that would make his head smaller.


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