What I have here is a collection of stuffs that Iíve kept over the years. Many are from my days as a Babbages sales clerk, circa Ď95. All items are MINT and COMPLETE. I am selling this as a package, so if you are interested, please make me a serious offer for the whole lot. Email me at jaeglo@yahoo.com

Here we go...

Anime Soundtracks:

*Macross Plus - Original Soundtrack
*Kishin Corps - The Symphony (import soundtrack)
*Project A-ko - Original Soundtrack
*Akira - Original Soundtrack

Video Games & Demoís:

*Beyond The Beyond - Import PSX RPG.
*Playstation Picks - The original PSX pack-in demo disc featuring playable versions of Ridge Racer, Air Combat, Tekken, Jumping Flash and tons more.
*Playstation "Hear It Now, Play It Later" Developers Demo Disc - A pre 9-9-95 promo CD featuring music from Korn, Dandelion and more. Also includes PSX game demos.
*Star Trek TNG: A Final Unity - Playable PC CD-ROM demo game.
*Battle Beast - Playable PC CD-ROM demo game. Still sealed.
*Next Generation Magazine Demo Disc for Dec 2nd, 1996 - Features demos of PSX, N64, Saturn, PC and Mac games. Various titles.

Promo items & other stuffs:

*PSX Memory Card - With old game saves for Kileak: The DNA Imperative, Arc The Lad (jap) and Beyond The Beyond (jap). You can delete these of course.
*Pre Playstation promotional pin featuring the chick from Toshinden - "Ask me how to reserve your Sony Playstation NOW!"
*Nintendo Killer Instinct promo pin, with red LED lights (needs new battery tho) - "Killer Instinct...Ask about it."
*Namco PSX brochure - Featuring Ridge Racer, Air Combat, Tekken, Cyber Sled and Starblade. - "In the war of the ultimate 32-bit systems, it appears Playstation has an unfair advantage- Namco."
Shipping will be $8. Contact me at jaeglo@yahoo.com