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Thread: The Megadrive-In wants your business :)

  1. The Megadrive-In wants your business :)


    Not on the list is Ranger X and Raiden Trad. Niether have case or instructions, so I haven't gone out of my way to list them yet. There are also collectables!

    Drop me a line or reply here if you're interested in anything I have.


    EDIT - If you are called Bandit EMAIL Me Belive it or not, I haven't forgotten about you - I just lost your info.


  2. I'm totally into the stuff you have, but I need to get a sega master system and sega saturn expense out of the way. Actually, I think I'm interested in almost everything you have there :D.
    It's a mirror image!

  3. you gotmail

  4. I got dat mail - You'll be getting a suprise soon.

    Fent - I continually update the games list. There will always be a good selection there whenever your ready to build on the Genesis library.

    Same goes for everyone


  5. buy. Running...out...of money...

    WARGH! *grabs hammer, turns it on self*
    omg TNL epics!

  6. Originally posted by TracerBullet
    I got dat mail - You'll be getting a suprise soon.

    SWEET !!!!!!!


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