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Thread: Why three letters?

  1. Why three letters?

    Why are scores in arcades recorded with three letters? Was it memory limitations of older games, and just carried on through till today? Are there any games now that have more than three spaces for high score place holders?

    Curious ~
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  2. Initials.

    Later all...

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    Originally posted by 2D4EVER

    Later all...
    Best...single word answer...EVER. :jest:
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    Johnny Guest
    Oh god that pisses me off. It's not even confined to scores, but character names too. If I have to spell my name without an H one more time, I'm going to crack.

  5. many games now have 4 letters. Get excited...

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  7. My biggest problem was the 4 letter limitation in the early Dragon Warriors. I always hated using Cris instead of Chris damnit!

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  8. I enjoy when people abbreviate swears for high scores.

    Also, I've noticed in many games if you enter in AAA for the initials, the game will choose a default (SNK or CAP, for instance). Too bad for Aaron Alan Aaronson.


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