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Thread: '80s fantasy flicks

  1. '80s fantasy flicks

    I have:

    - Legend: Ultimate Edition
    - Labrynth
    - The Dark Crystal
    - Conan the Barabrian

    I know I need:

    - The Princess Bride
    - Masters of the Universe
    - Excalibur
    - Ladyhawke
    - Dragonslayer
    - Krull
    - Willow
    - The Neverending Story
    - Conan the Destroyer

    Am I missing any good ones?

  2. The Princess Bride
    Masters of the Universe
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  3. Ah yes!

    I also forgot Ladyhawke.

  4. Let's not forget Red Sonja.

    (...if I had to see it, then you all must as well...)

  5. Taking animated films? Try The Black Cauldron, Gandahar, and The Last Unicorn.

  6. Anyone ever see Flight of the Dragons? I can't remember it very well, but I remember thinking it was really cool as a kid (I doubt it's aged well). Heck, it might even be from the 70's; I can't remember.

    However, defeating the evil wizard with a puff of logic was a great ending

  7. I don't know if it counts as fantasy per se, seeing as there's some sci-fi in it, but what about Krull?
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  8. Dragonslayer kicks piles of ass.

    How about Clash of the Titans? Wasn't that an 80s product?
    The Ralph Bakshi Lord of the Rings...oh wait, you said "good."

    Melf, Conan the Destroyer is out of print on DVD.

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  9. Krull's a good choice, definitely fantasy.


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