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Thread: Some old illustrations

  1. Some old illustrations

    I actually posted these a long while ago on one of the older versions of the board, so, uh, yeah. here they are again. They're still my most recent drawings, which is pretty sad =\

  2. hey rezo.

    wow, that's good stuff considering that's not even recent. I only just started drawing again yesterday, and who knows how long my inspiration will last.

    Hm, I should post my old art, but I figure everyone here has already seen them. Perhaps I will if anyone requests to see them.

  3. Originally posted by bahn
    Perhaps I will if anyone requests to see them.
    Post it. This section could use some new art.

  4. ok, but it would be new "old" art

  5. I'd like to see more of your art too Bahn.


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