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Thread: House of the Dead 3 not cel-shaded anymore...?

  1. House of the Dead 3 not cel-shaded anymore...?

    Check this Link, it seems HotD3 have gone back to its roots...

    Still keeping that FUNK alive...^_^

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  2. I hope Sega goes for the more realistic look. HotD does not benefit from cel-shaded graphics too well.

    But I'll take the game either way.

  3. Well, I like the old style look much more that those cell shaded pics. But I hope this change will not affect the release date. I hope it still coming out this summer.

  4. Boo. I like the cel-shaded one better.


  5. Well I think the new pic looks a little crummy, but thats most likely do to the quality of the capture. And I am not sure if that new pic in non-cel shaded, besides the Cel-Shaded look does not looke like your regular cel-shading. And the new pic still has the cartooney looking bullets on the side of the pic, weather or not that means anything is beyond me. But I think the Cel-Shaded looks just awesome! Also look at the new Pic, the characters look pretty odd, not really realistic not really cartoony, I think its still cell-shaded but a darker area of the game maybe?
    Barf! Barf! Barf!

  6. Allow me to make a clarification on this once and for all.

    NONE of the HOTD pics have EVER been cel-shaded. Cel shaded has to do with drawing an outline of black (usually) around the extremities of the polygons making it look like a cartoon. The pics you HAVE seen have flat textures, bright colors, and a general "no scary" feel. They have never, though, been cel-shaded.

  7. Examples:


    Not cel-shaded

  8. The first style is MUCH better. It helped to push HoTD3 in a different direction than the first two, and I thought that was really cool.
    The new style looks just like HoTD2
    - Kabuki

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  9. Yes! Back to the HotD2 roots! Now I just hope that they bring back the so-horrible-it's-good voice acting and Ken.

    Best. Zombie. Evar.

  10. The HOTD series was never scary, but it had that coolness factor to it. IMO, the flat texture style just makes it look cooler and like more of a different experience than the first two HOTDs. Contra, the bad voice acting may be customary now, but the game would be a lot better story wise if the characters didn't sound totally apathetic.
    It's a mirror image!


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