An all new sequel makes its multi-platform debut this summer!

EA has announced plans to publish <b>Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2</b> for the PC and all major platforms, respectively released this summer.

Continuing in its renowned legacy, <i>Hot Pursuit</i> will feature the classic open road racing along combined with the intense police intervention as featured in the original <i>Hot Pursuit</i> title.

<p>So you like fast cars? The sequel will include over 20 licensed exotic vehicles including the Ferrari 360 Spider, Lamborghini Murcielago and Porsche Carrera GT. In addition, players can choose from five differently game modes: Quick Race, Single Challenge, Hot Pursuit, Championship and an all-new "Top Cop" mode for the Xbox, Nintendo GameCube and PC versions. This new role-reversal feature allows you to assume the role as a highway patrolman and compete in up to 30 events!

<p>Other highlights include:

<ul type="square">
<li>30 challenging race events in Hot Pursuit and Championship modes.
<li>20 tracks, offering up to 12 miles of road and enviroments ranging from the lush forests to the sandy beaches.
<li>Multiplayer mode allows two players to compete in split-screen action. The PC version will support up to eight-player multiplayer racing via LAN/Internet/Direct IP.