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Thread: It Bears Repeating

  1. It Bears Repeating

    Already in the July thread, but I'm guessing it's a dead cause. But this was just too cute to go unnoticed. I dunno...something about girls and feathers that's adorable....
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    Careful. We're talking about games here. Fun isn't part of it.

  2. Hey cool...I already saw it in the other thread, but guess I'll post here. I really like the idea and coloring, but there's some oddities, if you will:

    -area beneath crotch has something weird going on
    -breasts, especially her right, kinda doing their own thing
    -from what evidence is provided, I'm having a really hard time making out a head or skull shape under the mask. If you follow the jaw line, and try to connect it to the cranium, you get some weird results. In other words, it looks good as is, but w/o the mask she'd be really weird.

    Anyway, I like the idea a-lot. Do you just color under the pencils layer? Seems like there's a bit of color bleed, but gives it a more traditional feel, rather than strictly digital. It would be neat to see other FF conventions converted thusly (i.e. a moogle swim suit...hmm...)

  3. Wonderful piece, Hero. Very sexy. Although, if it were me, I'd put some feathers on her-... nevermind . This really is a good idea (moogle swimsuit... tee-hee! Luv it!). Can you say, August Challenge?

  4. Chocochocochocobo!!Chocobo!!Chocobo!!
    (sung to Chocobo no Tango.)


    FuryFox makes some valid point though.The thigh overlaps the border of the swimsuit on the crotch area.

    And there seem to be something nagging me about the shoulder..

    Lastly..Shake ya tail feathers.

  5. thats a cool design and in line with what I thought you were trying to do with this months challenge.

    I really like the coloring style it apears as if youve colored it with markers. makes me wanna dust off my tablet and try it out.

    Ive got something lined up for the swimsuit challenge and should have it in before the end of the month cuz im lookin to snag the illustrious prize package. Isnt that the reason everybody draws?


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