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  1. ahl_5am

    How many of you own Half-Life? How many of you have played the excellent Action Half-Life?

    Alright, for the two people left...

    One of AHL's map designers goes by the name of 'Hondo'. In each one of his maps is a massive secret easter egg area. Judging by these secrets, this man is insane.

    In the map ahl_5am, it goes from being in a giant clock to a seizure inducing maze to altering gravity to running from a gigantic cube to being smashed by an enormous pear, among other things.

    Basically, the secret starts with finding a giant clock room, with exits for each hour. When the players "solve" 1 o' clock, 2 opens up, and so on. The clock initially skips 5 and 9, but opens 5 after 12 is complete.

    And that's as far as anyone has gotten. Nobody but Hondo seems to know how to solve 5 o' clock, and lord knows what lies in 9. I've even tried decompiling the map (to view it in an editor), but it crashes the decompiler.

    By the way, if anybody actually wants to know, I can post how to get into the secret, or even the whole process of getting to 5 o' clock.

    The clock room:
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  2. That's pretty neat. I don't even play the game and I'm interested. Why, I dunno

  3. I used to play AHL years ago, back during the first beta (1-3 IIRC)releases. Nice mod but it felt really clunky. Still it was good fun and way better than HLDM (boring and limited).

    Those easter eggs sound cool, if I still played FPS I would give AHL another shot.

  4. I always thought Action Half-Life was one of the online mods, this sounds much more single-player. I take it it's worth looking into for the non-multiplayer crowd?


  5. No, it's pretty much multiplayer only. It'll let you play through the normal HL with AHL's weapons and moves, which is cool, but not exactly amazing. Also, some maps have random enemies scattered about in single-player.

    This easter egg actually requires at least 2 people.

  6. Seems pretty cool. What's AHL like to begin with?

  7. Well, there are real-world weapons, everything deals more damage, ect.. You need to bandage yourself to prevent bleeding, there are special items ranging from kevlar to stealth slippers, and finally, there's diving. Lots of fun window-shattering rooftop-crossing exaggerated diving.

    The maps are nice, I like the weapons, and it's pretty fast-paced. Good fun. If only there were more servers.

  8. Tain, have you tried the HL mod The Specialists? It's very similar to AHL and IMO it's better. I haven't played AHL in a while though.

  9. I played AHL regularly during fall '02 and I remember I was waiting this huge update to the game, but then I got a PS2 and stopped caring. It was a pretty fun mod though, I might have to check it out again sometime and see how it's come along. These guys better make a new version for HL2.

  10. Tain, have you tried the HL mod The Specialists? It's very similar to AHL and IMO it's better. I haven't played AHL in a while though.
    I was gonna download that yesterday night, but never got around to it. Some friends of mine say it's good, others say that they don't like it as much as AHL. Either way, I'm getting it now.

    These guys better make a new version for HL2.
    Supposedly, they're working on a mod for UT2k3. So, I'll probably never get to play it. There was also supposed to be an Action UT, but it faded away.


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