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    These guys just really impressed me. I ordered a Neo Geo MVS 1 slot (large), Real Bout FF Special, and Money Puzzle Exchanger from them. The total cost including the (high) shipping cost was $190. That's not bad at all. The box comes to my door and what's the first thing I see? They threw in 2 HUGE Capcom posters free! Cannon Spike and Cap Vs SNK 2. They look great! OK, cool bonus. Then I look at the games. They were all advertised as used. I was expecting just loose carts. Heck, RB FFS was only $10. Both games came in those cardboard boxes that new games come in. I couldn't tell if the boxes were original, but it was nice anyway. They came with the bubble wrap, instructions, and really nice color copies of all the art. The kicker is that RB FFS (the $10 game) came with the ORIGINAL stickers and mini marquee! Score! I think I've found my new Neo Geo store.

  2. I read the price you paid and thought exactly what you wrote . I might try them when I get my neo setup going.

    BTW, love the sig quote

  3. How bad were the shipping charges?

  4. Sweet!

    It's always great to hear a person that DIDN'T get screwed by an online retailer, 'cause most of the time those are the only stories people talk about...

  5. Yeah, I was looking at all of this thinking it was too good to be true, so I opened up Money Puzzle exchanger just to make sure that it actually wasn't too good to be true. The boards inside all said "SNK", so I guess is as good as it seems.


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