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Thread: $5 New Rygar at EB RIGHT NOW! (prolly not for long)

  1. Stuntman is ten bucks at EBgames.
    pwned by Ivan

  2. I saw this earlier today. I would have considered it but those bastards at EB charge $17 to ship a single game to Canada!! Grrr.

    I am not too disappointed though. I rather disliked the demo of Rygar. For $5 I would have hit it though.

    Btw: Egg Mania was also $5 at the website if anyone is interested. I would have also bought that for $5 if not for the outrageous shipping swindle they've got going there.

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    You guys need to check the Discount Thread more often.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Clash_Master
    Rygar is a great game. StiderKyo pretty much hit everything right on the head, although he forgot to mentions its not all that long, but its worth $5 or the $15 I paid for it.
    Hey, sure I did -

    Quote Originally Posted by StriderKyo
    It's short
    Whole thing took me about 8-9 hours, although I never played it on hard or unlocked everything.

    Quote Originally Posted by sggg
    am not too disappointed though. I rather disliked the demo of Rygar.
    I hated the demo too - they chose a really boring part, cut out a bunch of it, left out a ton of enemies, didn't give you any of the moves you should have by then and made it into a tutorial. The actual game is way better.

    Heck, it's even got a place called Arcadia in it. That and a few other spots have some of, if not the best art direction I've seen in a game.

  5. Well, Rygar is a mix of good and bad. It has great graphical presentation and unique world. It has tigh controls and disk armors are very fun weapons to use. And the music score is grand.

    But then it also lacks enemies both in variety and in placement. People complain about empy world in DMC2 should look at Rygar, where you also wont be fighting that often, and instead its all about exploration and stone breaking, with once in a while battle. Boss fights were fun, but way too easy, even on Must Die mode. Lack of challenge really hurts this game. The secret area is cool, and pretty much the only place where you can actually show off your weapon combos, but it can get little repetetive since you have to restart from the beginning if you die(its not a complain, since I liked that, it added the much needed difficulty to the game).

    As I said before for $5 its a steal. But its not a wonderful game, magazines make it to be.

  6. Well, I just got back from EB. The guy said he got a call earlier in the day to put the price back to $25. Oh well. The guy thought it might have been a glitch but didn't know for sure.

  7. Haw haw.

    I just got back from EB, and I picked up Rygar for $5.

    I'm gonna go back right now and pick up two more games they have on clearance: 007 Night Fire and Egg Mania, two games I would'nt of given the time of day had it not been for such a low ass price.

  8. Night Fire is pretty cool action game. Had more fun time with it than with Rygar. Never heard of Egg Mania, nor really want to.

  9. I certainly hope Ninja Gaiden would be a slightly better game and wouldn't be thrown into the $5 bargain bin as quickly as Rygar did...
    Right, because if anything validates the existance of a handheld piece of shit, it's taking those shitty handheld games and placing them on a screen big enough so that the inherent flaws of the software is visible to all humans. Including Ray Charles.


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