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    Minky Monkey(Arcade, 1982)
    As far as I can tell, this was Technos' first game. It was a neat platformer. The object is to complete the message given up top by the monkey by gathering the correct fruits and placing them in the correct spots. You have to avoid a little bastard monkey who tries to eat the fruit.

    Dommy(Arcade, 1983)
    A game where you have to push dominoes to the side of the screen while avoiding enemies. Once the dominoes are lined up, you knock them down and go to the next level.

    Scrambled Egg(Arcade, 1983)

    The Big Pro Wrestling!(Arcade, 1984)
    Technos has long been known for their sports games and this was their first. I haven't played any of Technos' wrestling games so I can't comment on them.

    Syusse Ozumou(Arcade, 1984)

    Karate Champ(Arcade, 1984)
    Karate Champ is often falsely credited as the first fighting game. Even though it wasn't first, it was still a huge milestone for the genre since it was leagues above Ultravision Karate in every aspect. Karate Champ was published by Data East but it is a Technos-developed game even though their name is absent.

    Karate Champ seems to have initially inspired more Western developers than Japanese ones as Beam's Way of the Exploding Fist series and System 3's International Karate series closely resembled it. Data East tried suing over International Karate but they lost the lawsuit.

    Data East ported Karate Champ to the NES and they got Berkeley Softworks to do the C64 version.

    Mysterious Stones(Arcade, 1984)
    In this game, you explored ancient ruins for treasure. I'm surprised they weren't sued for ripping off the Indiana Jones music.

    Mat Mania(Arcade, 1985)

    Bogey Manor(Arcade, 1985)

    Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun(Arcade, 1986)
    This game was a turning point for the company. It was the first Nekketsu game, Technos' largest franchise. This franchise centers around a character named Kunio(named after Technos' president) and his high school called Nekketsu.

    Also, it was the first beat 'em up as we know them. Older games like Irem's Kung Fu Master could be considered beat 'em ups but they lack the vertical movement and characters swarming around you, traits that have defined the genre from Kunio-kun onwards.

    In the West, Taito converted it into Renegade. Aside from a NES version, Renegade was also ported by Imagine to computers and years later by Sega to the European Master System. Imagine even made their own computer game sequels.

    Solar Warrior(Arcade, 1986)
    A decent run 'n gun/platform game. I think its Japanese name Xain'd Sleena sounds cooler.

    Double Dragon(Arcade, 1987)
    Double-D needs no introduction as it was one of the biggest hits of the '80s and brought the beat 'em up genre to new heights. Everything about this game is just so memorable: the characters, moves, and awesome soundtrack.

    None of the home versions of Double Dragon quite do the arcade game justice but some of them were still pretty good. The NES game was loosely based on it; the levels were different and it had an experience system where you learned moves as you went along. One major downside to this version was the lack of a two-player mode in the regular game. As great as NES DD was, I still don't think EGM should have gave it Game of the Year for 1988 but that's another story.

    Sega's Master System version was closer to arcade game in terms of levels, graphics and being two-player but the gameplay felt a bit off and therefore wasn't quite as much fun as the NES version. The best thing for Double Dragon fans in the '80s to do was to buy both versions if they could.

    There were also some shitty Double Dragon ports by Atari for the 2600 and 7800. Binary Design/Virgin Mastertronic ported the game to home computers.

    Portables weren't left out the action. Game Boy Double Dragon turned out very nicely and Virgin did their own version for Game Gear which was quite a bit different than the arcade game.

    Did the Lynx one ever come out?

    Nekketsu Koukou Dodgeball-bu AKA Super Dodgeball(Arcade, 1987)
    An excellent dodgeball game better known by its NES port.

    Naxat made a PC Engine version in 1990.

    China Gate(Arcade, 1988)

    Championship V-Ball(Arcade, 1988)

    Double Dragon II: The Revenge(Arcade, 1988)
    This time your girlfriend wasn't just kidnapped, she was killed. For some reason I didn't like this sequel as much.

    The NES version of DD2 was a completely different game but I enjoyed it more than the arcade one. Having the control reverse when you do irritated me a lot back then but I don't really mind it now. That was my only real complaint; it's still a great beat 'em up.

    Palsoft ported the arcade game to the Mega Drive(and it blowed several goats). Naxat did a PC Engine version based on the NES game. Once again Mastertronic did the computer ports.

    Block Out(Arcade, 1989)
    A port of California Dreams' 3d Tetris computer game.

    Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari AKA River City Ransom(NES, 1989)
    This was an excellent beat 'em up/adventure game. It was later ported to the X68000 and PC Engine.

    WWF Superstars(Arcade, 1989)
    Technos began making wrestling games with the WWF license.

    Superstars was followed by WWF Wrestlefest a couple years later.

    The Combatribes(Arcade, 1990)
    I loved Combatribes. It often doesn't get the same respect as the Double Dragon or Kunio games but I think it's just as good as them. Picking things(and people) up and throwing them is always a good time.

    It's too bad the SNES port sucked. I don't remember what went wrong. It had the look of the arcade game but the gameplay was screwed.

    Downtown Nekketsu Koushinkyoku: Soreyuke Daiundoukai(Famicom, 1990)

    Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone(Arcade, 1990)
    I hardly remember Rosetta Stone now since I only played it once but it was a big disappointment.

    The NES Double Dragon III on the other hand was very well-made.

    Nekketsu Koukou Dodgeball Bu: Soccer Hen(Famicom, 1990)
    This game was released domestically by Nintendo as Nintendo World Cup.

    Soccer Hen was ported to the Mega Drive, X68000, and PC Engine. I don't know the differences between these versions since I haven't played them but the NES game was awesome.

    Kunio-kun No Jidaigeki Dayo Zenin Shuugou(Famicom, 1991)
    This was an excellent feudal Japan samurai themed adventure in the vein of River City Ransom.

    Sugoro Quest(Famicom, 1991)
    This was some kind of board game/RPG. Another version was made in 1994 for the Super Famicom.

    Bikkuri Nekketsu Shinkiroku AKA Crash 'n the Boys: Street Challenge(NES, 1992)
    In this game you competed in various events.

    Shodai Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun(Super Famicom, 1992)
    This was a sequel to the first Kunio game. I was hoping it would be the 16-bit equivalent of River City Ransom since but it isn't anywhere near as good.

    Super Double Dragon(SNES, 1992)
    A worthy Double Dragon sequel although by this time Technos was no longer king of the genre, IMO.

    Shadow Force(Arcade, 1992)
    This is one of Technos' most underrated games. Strangely, this beat 'em up didn't look or feel like a Technos game. It's hard to explain but it felt more like a Konami or Capcom game.

    Ike Ike! Nekketsu Hockey-bu(Famicom, 1992)
    A damn fine hockey game. One thing I love about the NES is that its three best hockey games(this one, Blades of Steel, and Ice Hockey) all have a completely different feel to them.

    Kunio-kun no Nekketsu Soccer League(Famicom, 1993)

    Both Ike Ike and Soccer League were supposed to be released domestically as Crash 'n the Boys games but never were.

    Nekketsu Kakutou Densetsu(Famicom, 1993)
    This was a tournament-based fighting game. The fighting was similar to previous Nekketsu beat 'em ups.

    Downtown Nekketsu Baseball Monogatari(Super Famicom, 1993)

    Nekketsu Street Basket: Ganbare Dunk Heroes(Famicom, 1993)
    Basketball is always more fun when you can beat down your opponents.

    Kunio-kun No Dodgeball Dayo Zenin Shuugou(Super Famicom, 1993)

    Shin Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-tachi no Banka(Super Famicom, 1994)
    Having recently played this again, I take back the negative things I said about it in the past. It's much better than Shodai.

    Kunio no Oden(Super Famicom, 1994)
    A puzzle game similar to Puyo Puyo from the looks of it.

    Geom Cube(Playstation, 1994)
    A puzzle game that looks like Block Out.

    Double Dragon(Neo Geo, 1995)
    Technos made Double Dragon into a fighting game for its Neo Geo debut. From what I remember it was okay.

    It was somewhat based on the awful DD movie. At least it's better than the abomination that was Double Dragon V, which wasn't made by Technos anyway.

    Voltage Fighter Gowcaiser(Neo Geo, 1995)

    Super Dodgeball(Neo Geo, 1996)

    Technos went bankrupt soon afterwards and company president Kunio Taki went to a company called Million which remade Super Dodgeball for Game Boy Advance. Atlus is currently publishing their games.

    Overall Technos has left an impressive mark on gaming with their excellent contributions to the beat 'em up, sports and fighting genres.

    Your thoughts on Technos? I know there are much bigger Technos fans here than myself who have played their games more in depth so hopefully you guys can make some additions. I didn't cover most of their Game Boy stuff although there were several Nekketsu games.

  2. you rock dude, thanks for doing requests.

    anyways, Technos is third favorite developer.

    i remember playing Mat Mania as a kid, how does that hold up now?

    although Combatribes is easily one of my favorite beats em ups ever, i wouldn't say it's as good as Double Dragon. great game no doubt, you just can't go wrong with those characters, smashing heads together, swining enemies around, and all kinds of other good shit. more beat em ups should allow you to throw motorcycles on enemies.

    Double Dragon, well, that's as good as a beat em up will get if you ask me. part 1&2 (arcade and nes) are fuckin classics, same goes for Super Double Dragon.

    i love their sports games too, can never get tired of Dodgeball, and World Cup soccer is the best soccer game out there in my opinion.
    i had no idea they made a Hockey game, that's easily next on my buy list after F-Zero GX. with Technos's track record for sports games, this could very well easily end up taking Ice Hockey's title of best hockey game ever.
    Wrestlefest is also my favorite wrestling game. never played any of those new ones that most rave about, so because of that, i can get away with saying this is the best wrestling game ever. great graphics, and an awesome character roster.

    anyways, great thread dude.

  3. Awesome thread.

    Did technos have any hand in the Neo*Geo dodgeball game?

    Also, Nintendo World cup was ported to Gameboy.

    I'd finally like to add that Super Spike V-Ball on NES owns all, I'd love to play the arcade version. Was it ever emulated?

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    I'm sure you'll love their hockey game. I don't know if I like it more than Ice Hockey but it's pretty close.

    Technos did do Super Dodge Ball on Neo Geo. For some reason the picture isn't showing up.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by NeoZeedeater
    Technos did do Super Dodge Ball on Neo Geo. For some reason the picture isn't showing up.
    That's what I thought, for some reason I passed right over that part of your post. :/

  6. hey, how was Nekketsu Street Basket, gotta check that out now too.

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    Street Basket is really cool and very arcade-ish but I haven't put enough time into it yet to say much about it.

  8. don't worry about it, im pretty much expecting it to just be you typical Technos sports game, but basketball.

    im sure Johnny Undaunted can give me some info on it.

  9. Who is releasing River City Ransom GBA then?

  10. Nice thread.

    I think I remember the intro to Double Dragon II. Doesn't the end boss gun down your girlfriend with his machine gun? That is a little harsh.

    So it looks like there are English ROM patches for the Fami and SuFami Kunio-kun games. Is that correct? If so, where do I get them?

    (You can PM or AIM me)
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