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Thread: eBay Japan - ordering, how hard is it?

  1. eBay Japan - ordering, how hard is it?

    Is it even worth the effort to place a bid for Dreamcast or other video game related stuff through eBay Japan?

    I was browsing the site for the very first time tonight and saw lots of interesting stuff. ...does anyone know details on the likelyhood of bidding - or is it a waste of time?

    Note: Some autions stated they would honor overseas transations - so there must be a way... right?
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    At first I was going to say:

    "Rather difficult, since Ebay/Japan is dead." but then I clicked on your link and realized that this is yet another online-auction place.... one that I haven't seen.

    First, I'd tell you that auctions are probably the most viewed for .jp auctions. No idea how true that is.

    Second, seeing as how I don't know much of anything on the story and I probably wouldn't be able to retell it with as much zeal as other people here; supposedly the entire reason why Japanese auctions will not sell interantionally 99% of the time can be traced back to one person: Adol (not the board member (notice how his C Status is "Not French")).

    Plus most of them probably simply don't want to try translating everything for English transactions, since gaijin would burst the flood gates if they were let in.

    But yeah. Adol. I've heard he's the reason.

  3. Originally posted by dog$

    But yeah. Adol. I've heard he's the reason.
    I have a strong dislike for that fucker.

    What is he thinking?

  4. Originally posted by 88mph
    I have a strong dislike for that fucker.
    My feelings exactly.

  5. what was adol's story ? i knew he sold a lot of shit and people hated him (even i hate him for some unknown reason) but why ? i never found out why.

  6. Adol Is selling a mint Panzer Dragoon Mini for GameGear on US ebay right now. $69.99 starting bid.

    I never heard of that game before, but figures it would be in the posesion of that bastard.

  7. If this is going to be a hate thread, I'm locking it up.
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  8. El Dodo: I've seen roms and pictures of Panzer for GG, and I believe it was made either at the end of the GG's life or right after (though that's only what I've seen written on a couple of who-knows-how-trustworthy sites). It exists in some format, but I couldn't tell you how "legit" it is.

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    Yahoo! Japan rocks the bunnies in my opinion. I had to get help from my fiancee at times (sh'e Japanese) , but I end up getting some really cool stuff. Some of the CDs I have been looking for 5 years ago have been found! I even got one of those Capcom Mini Cute cabinets!! The catch is that 1) you need a credit card (or check card) so you can get charged 300 yen (= about $2.30) in order to partcipate and a Japanese Keyboard or IME (which I assume many might have already) because some items MUST be in Kanji/Katakana/Hiragana.

    For me, it has helped me find stuff that I once thought would never see again. Come on!! we're talking the Cyberbots CPS2 board for 500 yen! (=less than $5!!)

  10. Sylvio Hodos

    There are several reasons why people at eBay has a strong dislike for Sylvio Hodos (which is Adol's real name).

    1) He exaggerates everything he says. He once said Bubble Bobble for the Famicom Disk System can cost up to 100$ in Japan. What he didn't say was that it has to be complete with all the bonus items

    2) He always uses the word "Rare" in his auctions. Even when the game is really some common anime-based shit like a random DBZ game for the Famicom or Super Famicom.

    3) He lies about the rarities of certain items. An example I can give is once he said that Twin Famicoms can often go for $495, when in truth, boxed and complete ones only goes for $275. And while the cartridge version of Zelda no Densetsu 1 may have been a late Famicom release, it's not really rare at all.

    4) He is affiliated with Neo-Geo Freaks. Not the magazine, but a group of con artists.

    5) He puts high reserves on all his auctions.

    BTW, most people in Japan uses Yahoo Auctions over eBay, but most at Yahoo Auctions doesn't allow for foreign bidders.


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