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Thread: Features that no or few games have that you think all games need

  1. Features that no or few games have that you think all games need

    This one has been bugging me for a while. I think all 2D games should have an unlockable "frame" gallery where you can scroll though and view every single frame of animation used in the game. There's just so many really cool frames flashed across the screen that you never get to see for more than a fraction of a second. Trying to pause at exactly the right time and then inputting whatever mumbo jumbo is needed for a clean pause screen is a pain in the arse. I think the gaming industry owes it to its hard working sprite animators. Their work needs to be displayed for all to see.

    Ok, you figured me out. I primarily just want to study Mai's kick animations, but still....

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    I remember that darkstalkers for saturn had a thing where you got red or blue boxes around the contact area of the characters. I thought that was kinda cool and I wouldn't mind seeing that in a few more 2d fighters

  3. Radiant Silvergun had that too. Hit box features are too cool. I agree, all games need that as well!

  4. More games need monkeys.

    Possibly crazed monkeys, but not necessarily so.

  5. 5.1 channel surround sound.

    Quote Originally Posted by Doc Holliday View Post
    K3V is awesome!

  6. There was also a collision box code in MK Trilogy on N64.

    I think I'd like more games to allow you to move the score, energy meters, etc. If you hook up a system to a TV that overscans, you shouldn't be screwed out of seeing the game info.

    Gamma, brightness, etc. is nice, too.

    ...also, difficulty settings should be mandatory.

    You should also be able to instantly unlock all non-gameplay altering extras. I find it annoying that I have to play for hours just to pick the same character with a palette swap or see a gallery picture.

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    5.1 channel surround sound.
    yes, I second that. DTS, if possible, too.

  8. All fighters need Kumite.

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    TheSCHLONG! Guest
    fully customizable controls.....

  10. Originally posted by TheSCHLONG!
    fully customizable controls.....
    EXACTLY!!!!!!! In todays day and age we should be able to map the buttons any way we want. I think most games do give this feature but ALL need to.


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