Hi, here's some games that I have doubles of that have to go, check my feedback on Ebay and in this forum, all 100%

Up currently:

Pocket Reversi Neo Geo Pocket Color NGPC
Asteroids - Missle Command Game Boy GB
Defender - Joust Game Boy GB cart
NES Nintendo Final Fantasy Cart
Street Fighter Collection 2 Playstation PS 1
Castlevania Symphony of the Night PS1 PS2
Namco Museum Volume 2 PS1 PS2 Playstation
Persona 2 Eternal Punishment Playstation 1 2
Carnage Heart Playstation Mint Rare PS1 PS2

going up soon:

Raiden Project (PS1)
Morrowind non platinum hits new (Xbox)
007 Nightfire new (PS2)
Onimusha 2 (PS2)
Virtua Fighter non greatest hits new (PS2)
Klonoa Door to Phantomile (PS1)
Paper Mario new (N64)
Mischeif Makers (N64)
Ninja Assault with Guncon New (PS2)
Star Wars Episode 1 racer New (N64)
Indiana Jones Infernal Machine New (N64)

Ebay name is salt_p_nuts

If your interested in anything here that hasn't gone up yet, drop me a PM, I do trades as well, thanks for looking.