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Thread: GTA3 PC Info.....*Drool*.....

  1. GTA3 PC Info.....*Drool*.....

    Taken from

    Ok, this is all pretty exciting stuff, and so in your flurry of scanning over the interviews you're bound to miss a few pointers. That's where we come in, with our bullet-point summary of everything new we've learnt thanks to Gamespot, Gamespy and IGN. Read on;
    • The textures on the GTA3 game have been vastly improved. This is what a lot of the last 7 months have been spent on since the PS2 release. They are in a higher resolution, more detailed and use a larger colo(u)r pallette. There's an increased frame-rate over the PS2 version, creating a more fluid feel to the game, and the graphics of the game are generally sharper.

    • The user will now be able to configure the world they see to suit your system - draw distances for buildings, pedestrians and cars in the city can be tweaked, and the number of pedestrains and cars can also be changed. Those of you on slower machines can still enjoy GTA3's beauty.

    • Action replays - taking advantage of the larger memory source on the PC, you can now watch your last 30 seconds of mayhem to show-off to your mates with the click of a button. These can the be saved, re-watched and distributed - so expect a "Stunt of the day" or something similar here at!

    • Audio has been enhanced in the game; full support for surround sound has been implemented, allowing you to "pinpoint [sounds] where they are coming from--cops approaching from the right, helicopter closing in overhead...". Audio support has been improved - you can now play your own MP3s if you get bored of the current radio stations - "All of the mp3s that exist on the PC become an additional radio station that is selectable like any other.".

    • Multiplayer support is not shipping with GTA3 - the reason they gave was that, as with past GTA games, the multiplayer support has always been poor compared to the single-player experience. They felt a rushed deathmatch would not do the single-player game justice. However, there's still a possibility that that multiplayer implementation can come later. However it seams to me like they're saving up all their ideas for a GTA4 / Crimeworld - "To create a multiplayer experience that is true to the ideals of GTA -- freedom, immersiveness, and attitude will take a long time.".

    • Control system overhall; there are now 2 control systems. "classic" is the same as the PS2 version - either use the keyboard or gamepad to move around the world, with auto-aim and targetting identical to the PS2 version. "standard" takes a more first-person-shooting type control system, whereby you use the keys to move around, and the mouse to look around. In this mode there is no auto-aim, so you use the mouse to pick off who you want. This sounds extremely promising, and something that I'm really looking forward to.

    • Confirmation of the system requirements; P3 450, 96mb Ram (that's pretty high), and 16mb graphics card. They recommend a P3 700 and a 32mb graphics card to see GTA3 in all it's glory.

    • Confirmation of the release date; 21st May for the US, and 24th May for the UK.

    A couple of things that weren't mentioned in any of the interviews - if there were any more missions to the game or changes to the story, and if they had any plans in supporting the modding community. Still, that's quite a bit of info to chew on

    Update: HinGTA just spotted that in the IGN article, they mention "holding up shops" as an aspect of the single-player experience. <Strokes Beard>Interesting</sb>
    Oh man....!

    Also taken from the Rockstar's official GTA3 PC page:

    SKINNABLE PLAYER CHARACTER: Enabling fans to create and upload their own skin textures. Used a scan image to play as yourself or let your imagination run wild!
    That last one really excites me.

    Just imagine the kind of mods that will come out for this!

    I can not wait!

    Make sure to check out Rockstar's site and look at the screen shots!

  2. Impressive list of improvements !!
    I still haven't played it on PS2 yet...
    - Kabuki

  3. Wasn't an X-Box version coming out...

  4. Originally posted by Werewolf
    Wasn't an X-Box version coming out...
    much like a Gamecube version there were many rumors but DMA has always denied that either version would be coming out

  5. Originally posted by Werewolf
    Wasn't an X-Box version coming out...
    Exactly what I was thinking. I might just skip it and hook my PC up to the important is having 4 shoulder buttons in this game?

  6. it damn well better look better on PC than PS2

  7. #7
    TheSCHLONG! Guest
    since when has 96Megs of ram been "pretty high"?

  8. Is Darkel going to be in this version?

    The spirit of liberty is the spirit which is not too sure it is always right. -Learned Hand

    "Jesus christ you are still THE WORST." -FirstBlood

  9. Originally posted by sleeveboy
    Is Darkel going to be in this version?

    lol, you dick,

    how important is having 4 shoulder buttons in this game?
    Side views, weapon select and radio select.

    I guess you could live with out, but it's going to make flying the Dodo needlessly difficult.

    it damn well better look better on PC than PS2
    You say that as if it looked like crap on PS2.

    Like I said before, look at the screen shots:

  10. ...but it's going to make flying the Dodo needlessly difficult.
    Isn't it already?

    If I can find this cheap as hell, I'll pick it up and sell my PS2 copy. At least they have mouse-aiming, which will get rid of that horrid god-awful "auto-targeting" ("We do our best to make your shooting needs difficult!").


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