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Thread: Recent game purchase impressions

  1. Recent game purchase impressions

    I started a similar thread to this in the Music Centre. Anyway, the point is to list some recent game related purchases and post your thoughts on them. I think it'll be a good way to hear about games that might otherwise not get mentioned. Plus, it beats having 10 different threads for short first impressions of games little to no one cares about.

    Well, here are some of my recent purchases....

    Metal Slug 3(AES) - Amazing to say the least. I absolutely adore this game. Level 2 is one of my favorite levels in a game ever. I really hope this gets a Ps2 or other more mainstream home console release as no one deserves to miss out on this masterpiece.

    Sengoku 3(AES) - A sidescrolling beat em up with some nice animation, an emphasis on combos and crappy backgrounds. I've been having some fun with it, but since it limits you to five credits and can be pretty "cheesy" I have yet to pass the third stage. Not sure if it is worth what I paid, but a fun game nonetheless.

    Cheesy(PSX) - Strange multi style platformer. Some levels are 2.5D sidescrolling, some are overhead shooting ala loaded and a couple more. Average at best. Features a password system rather than a save system. I'll have to give it some more playtime, but first impression is "eh".

    Two Ten Kaku(PSX) - 2D Verticle shooter. The game is merely "ok". I don't know what it is but something about it doesn't click with me. Plays similar to verticle shooters from the SNES days(Not a bad thing, that is just the best I can describe it). It is a shooter though, so I am getting some enjoyment out of it.

    I'm waiting on some more games, so an update when they arrive. Any specific question on the games I listed are welcome. i'll do my best to answer them.

    *Anxiously awaits others impressions of their recent purchases*

  2. Thanks for the imprsiions UndeadKing !! I too am hoping for a Metal Slug 3 PS2 port.

    My recent purchase was GunValkyrie for the Xbox. I think it kicks ass, controls great, looks fantastic, and has cool music. An all-around great game.

    - Kabuki

  3. Well, most of the games I bought recently are older releases, but what the hell...

    -Military Madness: Just as good as I thought it was gonna be. I like Advance Wars a bit more. How I wish I had this game when it first came out...

    -Bloody Wolf: Contra-ish, but kinda blah.

    -Ninja Spirit: Really cool. Like Shinobi meets Ninja Gaiden II. All out fun.

    -Legendary Axe: Like Castlevania in some respects. Nothing much to talk about.

    -Keith Courage: It reminds me of Popful Mail. I did NOT have fun playing this.

    -Neutopia: I heard people call this a Zelda-clone, but I had no idea it was almost the EXACT game. I may very well play this one through...

    -Sword of the Berzerk: I love the anime. This game is kinda fun, but I only will play it because I like Gatts, not so much this average game.

    -Shenmue: I expected more, but that is perhaps because I waited so long to finally pick this one up. its not as disappointing as ECM led me to believe.

    -Rez: I like it. It is a little anticlimatic at times. The real reason this game is worth owning is because of its inovative graphical and audio presentation.

    -Gradius III & IV: III is boring, IV is pretty damn cool. The slower pace of the ship gives it a more tactical, less reflexive feel.

  4. My most recent purchase was Metal Slug 3 (AES). How I love this game.
    For those lucky enough to play it on a regular basis, there's a high score challenge (check the link in my sig), if you're interested...

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    TheSCHLONG! Guest
    recent buys.

    smackdown 3-game sucks asshole. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD....use traditional animation if you cant mo-cap right. id give my functioning lung to have them take mo-cap out of the NHL series. it still and always will look AWFUL!

    ico-great until the game started freezing.

    vf 4-havent really had time to sit down with this one. i LOVE the menus and the options layout screens. the game has a great "look" to it.

    state of emergency-random bloodletting....good in spurts.

    007 aoF-bleh....too easy.

    gran turismo 3- taking up most of my time....will take up even more when i get that $100 logitec wheel

  6. Eternal Ring (PS2) - This one's interesting. It's a little more FPS-ish than other King's Field-related games, and the ring-making is interesting. But coming off Shadow Tower to seems a little "blah." It's fun enough, and pretty addicting, but it just doesn't really engage me like ST did.

    King's Field II (PSX) - Wow, 1996 was a LONG time ago. This game is UGLY. But despite that (and the amateurish creature/level designs, plot, writing), it's actually fun and very addictive, and I can really tell how far From has come in terms of design. It's interesting seeing how their skills have improved and to see their ideas about game design forming over the years.

    Raycrisis (PSX) - I'd put off getting this one for a long, long time, because of all the negative impressions of it. But a couple of weeks ago I saw it at TRU in their clearance bin for $10, so I grabbed it on impulse. And really, it's not too shabby, so far. It seems much more coherent (and meaty) than Raystorm, though I really could've done without that Encroachment gimmick. Your skill at clearing the screen of enemies should be reflected in your score, not in how soon the level gets cut off, and *reverse* difficulty scaling is no fun at all.

  7. Giga Wing 2 (DC): This game is so underrated it kills me. The graphics are awe-inspiring, the soundtrack brilliant, and the level design positively devious. Don't pay any attention to the reviewers who said this game was shallow or impossible to beat without using bombs every five seconds.

    R-Types (PSone): Finally found this one the other day. This is one of the games that spurred my decision to get a PSone three years ago, yet I didn't actually buy it until now. The ports are top-quality, flawless in every regard except for the brief loading pauses in-between levels and the R-Type II intro (which is jarring to say the least).

    Actraiser (SNES): Fun little SimCity/Castlevania crossbreed. I like it.
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  8. Originally posted by sleeveboy
    Giga Wing 2 (DC): This game is so underrated it kills me. The graphics are awe-inspiring, the soundtrack brilliant, and the level design positively devious. Don't pay any attention to the reviewers who said this game was shallow or impossible to beat without using bombs every five seconds.

    Damn straight! GW2 is a masterpiece and all should recognize!

  9. Inbetween bouts of recognizing, all should also hit the high score thread.

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    Stibbons Guest
    ico-great until the game started freezing.
    If it's that weird thing where the options menu comes up and won't go away, just unplug your controller and plug it back in and it should start again. If you want it to stop freezing completely, use a PS1 controller. I had the same thing happen to me. I have no idea why the PS1 controller stops the crashing, but yeah.


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