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Thread: Manga!

  1. Manga!

    I didn't see a thread unless there is and i missed it!

    Here is what I have read so far over the past two years. I collected majority of my manga the last year and following this year!

    I read....

    Mars volumes 1-6
    Magic Knights of Rarearth volume 1
    Petshop of Horrors volume 1
    Fake! volumes 1-2
    Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon volumes 1-2 (Yeah it is a manwa or manhua but it still counts (I guess))
    Clover volume 1
    Paradise Kiss volumes 1-3
    Sailor Moon Stars volumes 1-3
    Uzamaki volume 1

    And many more of course but I can't think of the rest. My favorite so far is Fake! So great!


  2. there've been maybe 2 or 3 manga threads lying around the back pages, always nice to see a new one started though.

    in my collection right now i've got (in no specific order):

    - AKIRA vol.1-4
    - Even A Monkey Can Draw Manga vol.1
    - Uzumaki vol.1-3
    - Flesh Colored Horror
    - Tomie vol.1-2
    - Junko Mizuno's Cinderalla
    - Battle Angel Alita vol.1-9
    - Battle Angel Alita: Last Order vol.1
    - Ashen Victor
    - Battle Royale vol.1-2
    - X-Day vol.1
    - Secret Comics Japan
    - the Kindaichi Case Files vol.1-3
    - Voyeurs/Voyeurs, Inc. vol.1-4
    - DOMU
    - Dance till Tomorrow vol.1-7
    - Benkei in New York
    - Spirit of Wonder
    - A, A' [A, A Prime]
    - Happy Mania vol.1-4
    - Excel Saga vol.1-2
    - No. 5 vol.1-2
    - Phoenix: Tales of the Future
    - Pet Shop of Horrors vol.1-3
    - Chicago vol.1-2
    - Metropolis
    - Erica Sakurazawa vol.1-3 [Between the Sheets, Angel, Angel's Nest]
    - Short Cuts vol.1-2
    - Ghost in the Shell
    - BLOOD: the Last Vampire 2002
    - Orochi: Blood
    - Confidential Confessions vol.1-2
    - Blade of the Immortal vol.2
    - Star Wars: A New Hope vol.1
    - GYO vol.1
    - Shaolin Soccer vol.1
    - FLCL vol.1
    - My Sassy Girl vol.1
    - Trigun vol.1
    - Planetes vol.1

    i was semi-collecting MARS (i absolutely love MARS) and Kare Kano with someone else, mostly to complete her collection since she started them, but i really loved what i read and i might collect them on my own later on.

  3. Here's my manga list...
    Chobits 1-6
    Lupin III 1-2
    Real Bout High School 1-3
    Island 1
    Saber Marionette J 1
    Dragon Ball 1-8
    Dragon Ball Z 1-3 (Blech)
    No Need for Tenchi! 1-6, 11-12
    Every Issue of Shonen Jump published thus far (Hey, I think it counts)
    A shitload of MixxZine (That too)

    I still need more, though...
    I crave it...

    I soon plan to take up collecting Kare Kano and King of Bandits Jing. Maybe S-cry-ed, too.

  4. Own:

    -GTO (various volumes)
    -Sorcerer Hunters 9, 11
    -Real Bout High School 3-5

    On PC:

    -Shonan Junai Gumi 1-24
    -Vandread volume 1
    -Rose Hip Rose chapters 1-6

  5. I own:
    3x3 Eyes 2-6
    Adolf 1-5
    Akira 1-6
    Appleseed 1-2
    Astroboy 1
    Barefoot Gen 1
    Berserk 1 (in japanese)
    Black Jack 1-2
    Blade of the Immortal 1
    Brain Powered 1
    Card Captor Sakura 1
    City Hunter 1
    Chobits 1-6
    Dragonball Z 1
    Five Star Stories 1-2
    Four Immagrents' Manga
    Galaxy Express 999 1
    Hikaru no Go 3 (in japanese)
    Inu Yasha 1
    Iron Wok Jan 1
    Kodocha 1
    Lone Wolf and Cub 1
    Lum: Urusei Yatsura Perfect Collection
    Lupin III 1
    Maison Ikkoku 1-4
    Marmalade Boy 1
    Mobile Suit Gundam: Blue Destiny
    Mobile Suit Gundam: Last Outpost 1
    Neon Genesis Evangelion: Special Edition 1-2
    Oh My Goddess: Miss Keiichi
    Oh My Goddess: The Fourth Goddess
    Phoenix: A Tale of the Future
    Phoenix: Dawn
    Princess Knight 1 (bilingual)
    Ranma 1/2 1-5
    Return of Lum 1
    Rumic Theater 1
    Rurouni Kenshin 7, 9-11 (in japanese)
    Sailor Moon 2-5
    Sailor Moon Super S 1-3
    Shonen Jump 0-9
    Trigun 1, 3 (in japanese)
    Trigun Maximum 1-7 (in japanese)

    I had but gave away:
    All New Tenchi Muyo 1
    Cowboy Bebop
    The Legend of Mother Sarah 1
    Raijin Comics 3
    Real Bout High School
    Slayers: Medieval Mayhem
    various Dragonball, DBZ, and other mangas I had in non graphic novel form
    Wish 1

    Out of these, Pheonix: A Tale of the Future is the best, and Real Bout High School was the worst.

  6. Akira, Ghost In the Shell 1-2 and Appleseed are pretty dope.

  7. GitS 2 is out? Graphic novel form or individuals?

  8. individuals still.

  9. I got the first two GITS2...and they didn't impress me that much. Seemed pretty forgetable.
    pwned by Ivan

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Lhadatt
    GitS 2 is out? Graphic novel form or individuals?
    Dunno. I got the Japanese one a while back.


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