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Thread: Wanted A Few Jamma PCBS Shooters

  1. Wanted A Few Jamma PCBS Shooters

    Looking for A few jamma pcbs,Brave Blade,Raiden Fighters 2 and jet with motherboard

    Please email me if you know where to find these.

  2. This Ebay seller seems to have a lot of them for sale:

    But you probably knew that already, right?

  3. OWNED?

    *plays Eminem's Without Me*

    Guess who's back?

  4. I am looking for the Mobo and cart

    I do not want single pcbs.Trying to find the cart and mobo.Let me know if you see any others.

  5. Scammer according to ID in Japhei's thread a bit down the board list.

    Locked. Don't deal with.


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