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Thread: Selling lots and lots and lots of stuff (quality stuff, trust me)

  1. Selling lots and lots and lots of stuff (quality stuff, trust me)

    I look over at my huge pile of games the other day and realize I never play most of them, ever. Of course theres a few things here and there I'm still attatched to. This stuff needs to go, and I know alot of this stuff you guys want. I'll take PayPal or money orders, all prices are without shipping. Of course you buy more than one thing its just one set shipping fee, this isn't eBay.

    Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves...$12
    Last Blade 2...sold
    Project Justice...sold
    Sega Rally 2 (import)...sold
    Ecco The Dolphin...$5
    Sega GT...$2
    Shenmue II (UK import)...$35
    Agetec Arcade stick boxed...sold

    King of Fighters 99...$2
    Time Crisis + Guncon...$14
    Chrono Cross GH...$10
    Motor Toon Grand Prix 2 (import)...$9
    Castlevania Chronicles...$17

    Dodgeball Advance (import)...sold

    import PS2 system with hookups & controller (model SCPH-10000)...sold
    Gran Turismo 3 (import)...$6
    Tekken 4 (import)...$10
    Wild Wild Racing (import)...gone
    Time Crisis 2, boxed with black Guncon 2 (import)...sold
    Virtua Fighter 4...$11
    Auto Modellista...$17
    Medal of Honor Frontline...$15
    Okage: Shadow King...$7
    Gungriffon Blaze...$3
    Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2...$7
    Stretch Panic...sold
    Smugglers Run...$4

    Silver NGPC system, boxed...sold
    Faselei (UK)...sold
    Metal Slug 1st Mission...sold
    SNK Vs. Capcom: MotM...sold

    Trigun: The 60 Double Billion Dollar Man...$12
    Serial Experiments Lain 4 DVD boxed set (blue sleeved)...$42
    If anyone does the VHS thing anymore, I have some decent movies I would like taken off my hands.

  2. ...

    What VHS tapes do you have in anime or foreign films?
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  3. Are the NGPC games complete?

  4. I'm very interested in project Justice and the import PS2.

    What's the condition of each and does the PS2 operate OK? Thanks! *-neo

  5. I am interested in KoF 99 and the Lain box set. What condition is the box set in? Thanks.

  6. PMed you about Silpheed.
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    K3V is awesome!

  7. 001.Targeting sequence activated..
    002.GunGriffon Blaze targeted..
    003.executing inquiry to TreizePlus..
    004.Outgoing private message initiated...
    007.private message sent..
    008.End targeting sequence..

  8. I wants me some NGPC. PM sent.
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  9. You'll have to fight me for it. :-D

  10. I'll take Auto Modellista...
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